Saturday, 06/13/2020 09:00 AM EST

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Cat, Komatsu, John Deere, Doosan, Kubota, Bobcat Earthmoving Equipment, Late Model Hydraulic Excavators, Cranes, Aerial Lifts, Forklifts, Attachments, Support, Dump Trucks, Truck Tractors, Pickups, Dump Trailers, Tagalongs

@ 9:00 AM

Address: 4501 Leipzig Ave, Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330

Note: This sale promises to have the very best Construction Equipment, Aerials, Forklifts, Trucks & Trailers found anywhere.

DAY 2 HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: 6 ARTICULATED HAUL TRUCKS: (2)2012 Cat 725, 2015 Volvo A40G, Volvo A30C, Terex 2566, Terex 2366, 10 WATER TRUCKS: 2014-2013 Freightliner M2 106(s/a), 2012 Ford F750(s.a), 2004 Sterling L8000(t/a), 2002 GMC C6500(s/a), (3)Kenworth T800(t/a), Kenworth T600(t/a), 1974 Dodge 800(Military Truck), 17 SERVICE TRUCKS: 2018 Ford F350 Lariat, (3)2012-(2)2011-2001 Dodge 5500(4x4), 2012-2005-2004-2000 Ford F550, 2015-2014 2012 Ford F350, 2015-(2)2012 Ford F150, 19 FUEL TRUCKS: (2)Freightliner FL70, Freightliner FL80, (4)IH 4900, IH 1900, 2004 Ford F550, (3)Ford LN8000, (3)Ford LS8000, (2)Ford L8000, Kenworth T800, 2000 GMC C7500, VACUUM TRUCK: 2007 Sterling(t/a), BUCKET TRUCK: 2004 IH 4300, DISTRIBUTOR TRUCK: Ford CF8000, 74 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: 2018 Cat 349FL(900hrs.), 2015 Cat 336FL, Cat 330CL, Demo Cat 325FLCR, Cat 325CLCR, Cat 321DLCR, Unused & 2019 Cat 320, 2019 Cat 320GC, 2018 Cat 320FL, (6)2013 Cat 320EL, 2014-2013 Cat 320ERR, 2013 Cat 316EL, Cat 315CL, Unused Cat 313FL, Demo & 2019-2018 Cat 313FL, 2015 Cat 312E, (2)2012 Cat 312EL, Cat 311DLRR, 2017-(1)2015 Cat 308E2CR, (2)Cat 308DCR, Cat 308DSR, 2012 Cat 308D, 2015 Cat 305E2CR, 2013 Cat 305ECR, Cat 304C, 2017 Cat 303E2CR, 2012 Kobelco SK140SRLC, Unused & 2012 Doosan DX235LCR, Unused Doosan DX225LC-5, 2016 Doosan DX85R, 2016 Komatsu PC228US-10, Komatsu PC228LC-3, Komatsu PC150LC-6K, 2017 Komatsu PC138US-11, 2014 Komatsu PC138US-10, 2016 Komatsu PCMR88-10, 2015 Komatsu PC88MR8, Komatsu PC05-7, JD 892ELC, 2013 JD 350GLC, JD 120C, 2015 JD 50G, 2013 Volvo EC340DL, 2014 Volvo ECR235DL, 2013 Volvo 145ECR, Unused Case CX130D, Hitachi EX400LC-3, Hitachi Z270X, Hitachi EX150-V, 2017 Hitachi ZX130LC-6, 2018 Hyundai HX200L, (3)2013 Hyundai 160LC-9, Halla 220LC, 2019 Yanmar VIO50-6A, 2015 Takeuchi TB290, (2)Unused Kubota KX080, 2017 Bobcat E85, Dresser 6220LC, 4 RUBBER TIRED EXCAVATORS: 2016 Cat M322F, 2012 Cat M322D, 2013 Cat M318D, 2007 Cat M316D, 3 MATERIAL HANDLERS: 2009 Cat M325DLMH, 2009 Fuchs MHL350D, 2008 Fuchs MHL320D, 24 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: Cat 966G-II, 2015 Cat 950M, (2)Cat 938G, 2015 Cat 930M, 2009 Cat 930H, Cat 930G, Cat 928G, Cat 916, Cat 906H, Komatsu WA470-1, 2010 Komatsu WA430-6, (2)2015 Komatsu WA270-7, (2)Komatsu WA250, Komatsu WA50, JD 824J, JD 84, 2016 Kawasaki 67TM-7, 2011 Kawasaki 50ZV, 2012 Volvo L110G, Liebherr L544, Kubota R420, MOTOR GRADER: Hueber H1390, 12 CRAWLER TRACTORS: Cat D6R, 2013 Cat D6K2XL, 2011 Cat D6NXL(200hrs.), 2015 Cat D6KXL, 2016 Cat D4K2XL, Cat D4GLGP, Cat D3CLGP, 2013 JD 700KLGP, 2011 JD 650JLGP, Komatsu D61PX, Komatsu D41E, 2013 Komatsu D39PX-33, CRAWLER DUMP: Komatsu CD60R, 19 TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOES: 2011 Case 590N, 2013-2012 Case 580SN, (4)Case 580 Super-M(4x4), 2010 Case 580M(4x4), Cat 430EIT, Cat 430E, Cat 420D, 2003 JD 710G(4x4), (3)2013 JD 310 Super-K, (2)JD 310 Super-G(4x4), 2012 NH B95C(4x4), NH LB75B(4x4), ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE: Grove RT525, 3 ASPHALT EQUIPMENT: 2010 KM 4000T Hot Box, Asphalt Zipper AZ360, Asphalt Seal Coat, 17 VIBRATORY ROLLERS: 2017 Cat CS56B, 2017 Cat CS54B, 2015 Cat CP54B, Cat CS533, (2)Unused Dynapac CA1500D, Unused Bomag BW213D-5, (6)Like New Bomag BW177-5, Bomag BW145, 2015 Sakai SV400, Rex SP848, Hamm 3307, 24 ASPHALT ROLLERS: 2016-2015-2014 Cat CB54B, Cat CB434C, (2)Unused Bomag BW120AD-5, Bomag BW120, (3)Bomag 900, 2009 Hamm HD110, 2014 Hamm HD13VV, Hamm HD12W, 2010 Sakai 850, (10)Unused Storkie ST1200, ASPHALT PAVER: 2008 Vogele 5200-2, 4 TRENCH ROLLERS: Bomag BMP-851, Wacker RT82, 2016 Wacker RTKX-SC3, Dynapac LP852, Stone, 22 RUBBER TRACKED SKID STEERS: (3)Cat 299D2, 2014-(2)2013 Cat 289D, 2015 Cat 279D, Cat 277B, 2014 Cat 259D, Cat 247B3, Unused Bobcat T770, Unused Bobcat T650, 2014 Bobcat T590, (2)Unused Kubota SVL95-2, Unused Kubota SVL75-2, 2013 Kubota SVL90-Z, 2012 Case TV380C, 2018 Case TR270, Takeuchi TL12, Takeuchi TL8CRN, 2013 JD 329D, 23 SKID STEERS: (2)2019 JD 324G, (3)2015 JD 318E, 2017-2014 Cat 262D, (3)Cat 262C, Cat 252, 2018-2017-2014 Cat 246D, 2011 Cat 246C, 2017-2014 Cat 236D, Unused Kubota SSV75, Bobcat 773G, Bobcat S630, Bobcat S70, 2014 NH L225, Gehl 5625SX, 32 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: Unused Magni TH6.20(4x4), (2)Unused JLG 1255(4x4), 2013 JLG G12-55A, 2012 JLG G10-55A, (2)Demo JLG 943, 2013 JLG G9-43A, 2013 JLG G5-18A(4x4), 2013-(3)2012 Cat TL1255C(4x4), 2014 Cat TH407C, 2014-2012 Skytrak 10054(4x4), 2015 Skytrak 8042(4x4), 2011 Skytrak 6042(4x4), (2)Skytrak 6036(4x4), 2013-2012 Genie GTH-1056, (2)Unused Genie GTH-2506, 2012 Genie GTH-844, 2013 JCB 510-56, 2012 JCB 509-42, JCB 506C, 2011 Gehl DL12H-55, 2011 Dieci Apollo 25.6, Terex TX51-19, ROUGH TERRAIN FORKLIFT: Moffett M5500, 18 FORKLIFTS: (4)Hyster H70FT, Hyster S55XM, Hyster S50XM, Clark(8,000lb.), 2011 Doosan D45S, 2013 Doosan G30E-5, 2011 Doosan G30P5, (2)Doosan G25E, Nissan BGF03A40V, Toyota 7FDU35, (2)Cat GC15K, TCM(5,000lb.), Komatsu FG25T, 39 BOOM LIFTS: 2011 JLG 1200SJP, (2)JLG 800AJ(4x4), JLG 800S(4x4), JLG 600AJ, Unused & 2013 JLG 660SJ(4x4), (2)Unused JLG 660AJ(4x4), (2)Unused JLG 600S(4x4), Unused-2013-2008 JLG 600AJ(4x4), JLG 600SJ, (3)Unused JLG 460SJ(4x4), (6)Unused JLG 400S(4x4), JLG 45E, (4)Genie S-125(4x4), Genie S-80X, (3)Genie S-60, Genie Z45/25, Genie Z40/23N, 2013 Genie GR-26J, Haulotte HA61JRT(4x4), (2)Haulotte HA130JRT(4x4), 4 ELECTRIC BOOM LIFTS: 2010 JLG M600JP, JLG E450AJ, JLG E400AJ, 2013 JLG T350, 153 SCISSOR LIFTS: (2)JLG 4069LE, (7)2015 JLG 3248R, (18)JLG 20MVL, (21)2015-2013 JLG 1932R, 2012 Genie 5390RT, (10)Genie GR20, 2012 Genie GR-15, (3)Genie GS-1930, (2)Skyjack SJ7135RT, (20)Skyjack SJ6832RT(4x4), (8)Skyjack 6826RT(4x4), Skyjack SJ4832, Skyjack SJ4632, (14)Skyjack SJ3226, Skyjack SJIII3220, (32)Skyjack SJ3219, Skyjack SJ3215, Skyjack SJ16, (3)Skyjack SJ12, 2012 Mec 5492RT, (1)2013 MEC 4069, 2013-Mec 3259, 2012 MEC 2591, Upright MX19, Snorkel 3284, 4 TRACTOR LOADERS: Unused NH Workmaster-55(4x4), Unused NH Boomer-47(4x4), Unused Workmaster-35(4x4), Unused Workmaster-40(4x4), MOWING TRACTOR: Ford 5640SLE, 2 Agricultural Tractors: Case MX220, Case 5150, 25 AIR COMPRESSORS: 2012 Atlas Copco XAS1600, 2007 Atlas Copco XAS750, (2)Atlas Copco 250CFM, (2)2014-(3)2013 Atlas Copco XAS185, Atlas Copco XAS90, Atlas Copco CLPlus, 2015-(3)2014 Doosan 425-375, Doosan P90WR, Gardner Denver DO450, Sullair 375, 2013 Sullair 49HP185, IR 100CFM, (4)IR P185WJD, Airman 400CFM, 17 GENERATORS: Cat 750Kw, 2016 Atlas Copco QAS150, 2014 Multiquip DCA125, (2)Multiquip DCA70, Multiquip DCA25, Olympian 75Kw, 2013 Magnum MMG320, (1)2014 Magnum Pro MMG35, Wacker G240, Cummings GGFD, Coleman OC160SQ, Coleman OCT40SQ, (2)Coleman CI4J30SQ, Kohler 60RZ72, 2012 Whisper Watt DCA70, 11 WELDERS: (3)2014 Lincoln Vantage 500, 2014 Miller Big Blue 500D, Miller Big Blue 502D, (3)Multiquip DLW400ESA, Bobcat 250NT, (2)JLG 250AMP Boom Welder, Christie Plastic Pipe Fusing Machine, 32 LIGHT PLANTS: (6)Magnum MLT3060, 2012 Magnum Pro MLT, (6)2017 Magnum MLT6SK, Magnum MLT360K, (3)Multiquip LT-12D, 2014 Doosan LSC, (2)2012 Progress, 2012 Progress SLT800, 2012 Wacker LTN8K, 2011 Terex AL5020, Terex RL4, (7)Allmand Nite Lite Pro, 2012 IR Lightsource, ARROW/MESSAGE BOARD: Amida, 2 WATER PUMPS: 2019 Generac MTP6DZD, MMD 4in., PILE DRIVER: Link-Belt 180M, SCREENING PLANT: Read RD40A, 2 MILLING MACHINES: 2017 Roadtec RX900, 2002 Roadtec RX-60C, 2 VANS: (2)2012 Dodge Town & Country, 8 TAGALONG TRAILERS: (8)2020 Delta 27TB(t/a, tilt), DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILER: 2020 Witzco RG50(t/a), SCISSOR LIFT TRAILER: 2010 Triple L 449, 33 UTILITY VEHICLES: (5)2015 Bobcat 3600, (7)Bobcat 3400, 2015 Cushman Hauler 1200, 2014 JD 398FM, (4)Club Car Carryall 1700, Club Car Carryall 1500, (2)Club Car XRT1550, (10)Ez-Go 1600XD, (2)Kubota RTV1100, 3 EXCAVATOR RIPPERS, 5 EXCAVATOR THUMBS, 66 EXCAVATOR BUCKETS, GRAPPLE, 9 HYDRAULIC HAMMERS, CRAWLER TRACTOR AND LOADER UNDERCARRIAGE, EXCAVATOR ATTACHMENT, RUBBER TIRED LOADER ATTACHMENTS (12)RUBBER TIRED LOADER TIRES, (4)SKID STEER ATTACHMENTS (10)TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOE ATTACHMENTS.


SALE SITE PHONE: (609) 204-3189 Jay
Phone: (315) 633-2944 • Fax: (315) 633-8010
Syracuse, NY (Evenings) (315) 637-8912

"Cash or Company Check" accompanied by current “Bank Letter of Guarantee”, made payable to Alex Lyon & Son. Everything Sells “AS IS, WHERE IS.” The following charges will apply on all purchases: (1.) For each unit $35,001.00 and above, a 5.95% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check. (The standard fee of 8.95% will be assessed when paying with credit card); and (2.) For each unit $1,001- $35,000, a 10% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 13% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card. (3.) For each unit $0- $1,000, a 12.5% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 15.5% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card.
**Please NOTE: An additional fee may be assessed when bidding online**
The Bidder is responsible for knowing which item he/she is bidding on. If he/she is unsure, he/she should inquire or not bid. When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. Auctioneer will not honor “mistakes”.