Tuesday, 06/14/2022 09:00 AM US/Mountain

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~ Wyatt Pipeline ~
Total Liquidation of One of the Largest & Finest Pipeline Companies in America
TUESDAY, JUNE 14th @ 9:00 AM

Address: 2010 East Orchard Lane, Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220

Note: Wyatt Pipeline, in business successfully for many years has decided, at this time to retire and enjoy life. Wyatt Pipeline, one of the larger pipeline companies in America, known for their workmanship and taking good care of their equipment (over $100,000,000 replacement value), will sell everything from very big to all shop and support equipment. This is a sale for everybody.


HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: 11 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: (2)2019 Cat 336GC, (2)2019 Cat 336, 2020-(4)2019-(2)2018 Cat 320, 3 VACUUM LIFTING SYSTEMS: (3)Vacuworx RC10, 2 VACUUM EXCAVATORS: 2011 Ditch Witch FX30, 2 FUSION MACHINES: (2)2011 Mobile Fusion Trac MFT20, 2 MOTOR GRADERS: 2017 Cat 14MVHP, 2007 Volvo G940(ripper), 6 CRAWLER TRACTORS: 2020 Cat D6LGP(ripper), (3)2018 Cat D6TXL(ripper), (2)2014 Cat D6TLGP, 2 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: Cat 930M, Cat 924K, TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOE: Cat 420F2IT, 20 PIPE LAYERS: Cat D7G(Midwestern M571), Cat D7G(Midwestern M571XL), 2014 Cat D6TLGP(Midwestern M572CH), Cat D6D(Midwestern M562), Cat D6D(Sabre SL-6), Cat D6NLGP(Vanguard), Cat D5CXL-III(Midwestern M250C), Cat D5C(Midwestern M250C), Cat D4H(Midwestern M540), (2)Cat 572G(Midwestern 572), Cat 572E(Midwestern 572), Cat 572E(Superior CPX-572), Cat 561C(Midwestern 561C), Cat 561C(Midwestern 561CMMC), Cat 561(Midwestern 561D), 2008 JD700JLGP(Midwestern M540), (3)2006 JD 650JLGP(Midwester M520C), 3 CRAWLER CARRIERS: 2018 Kato IC75-2, Cat D5, 2007 Morooka MST1500VD, 2 PIPE BENDERS: CRC-Evans PB6-20, Darby 6-20, TRENCHER: 2012 Vermeer T755, 3 PADDING MACHINES: (2)2018-2012 Laurini Super Screen Vulcano, MULCHING MACHINE: 2007 Prentice Hydro-Axe 2764, 3 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: Unused Merlot 50.18, 2007 Genie GTH 842, 2007 Dieci 5519, 5 AIR COMPRESSORS: 2007 Atlas Copco XASE1600, (3)Airman PDS185, 6 LIGHT PLANTS: (4)Magnum MLT3060, Allmand Nite Lite Pro, Allmand AL4000, 2 SAND BLAST POTS: Axxiom 6.5CF, Clemco 2452, UTILITY TRUCK: 2018 Ford F350XLT(4x4), 2 SERVICE TRUCKS: 2012 Dodge 5500(crane), 2007 IH 4400(t/a), FUEL TRUCK: Freightliner F70(t/a), 2 FLATBED TRUCKS: (2)2019 Ford F550XL, 2 ROLLOFF TRUCKS: 2018 Peterbilt 567(tri), 3 PICKUP TRUCKS: 2017 Ford F250XL, 2015 Chevy 3500HD, 2012 Dodge Ram 3500, SCHOOL BUS: 2003 Freightliner, TRUCK TRACTOR: 2014 Peterbilt 388(tri), 3 DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILERS: 2014 Etnyre Blackhawk(tri), 2012 Talbert 55-ton(tri.), 2014 XL Specialized 110HDG(tri.), FLIP AXLE: Etnyre ARD105, STINGER: Etnyre, 4 GOOSENECK TRAILERS: 2012 Tophat 25ft.(t/a), 2009 E-W 24ft.(7-ton, t/a), Load-Max 22ft.(7-ton, t/a), Homemade 16ft.(7-ton, t/a), 2 TAGALONG TRAILERS: 2012 Lamar 24ft.(7-ton, t/a), Dressen 20ft.(7-ton, t/a), 3 FLATBED TRAILERS: 2016 Dorsey FB-48(t/a), 2015 Fontaine 48ft.(t/a), 2006 Transcraft 48ft.(t/a), DROPDECK TRAILER: Chaparral 48ft.(t/a), VACUUM TRAILER: 2015 Dragon 1300BBL(t/a), PIPE TRAILER: 2018 East Texas 32ft.(t/a), 12 FRAC TRAILERS: (12)Dragon 500BBL(s/a), 5 VAN TRAILERS: Great Dane 53ft.(t/a), Great Dane 48ft.(t/a), Utility VS2R 53ft.(t/a), Utility VS2R 48ft.(t/a), Timpte 48ft.(t/a), 3 CARGO TRAILERS: 2018 Lark United, 2019 W-W 20ft.(7-ton, t/a), 2018 CM CM5240 24ft.(t/a), 34 ROLLOFF BODIES: (4)Dragon 22ft., (30)8ft.x18ft. Flatbed(w/4in.x6in. x 4ft. cribbing), 2 TRUCK PARTS & ACCESSORIES: (2)Ford FX4 8ft Box, 50 CRIBBING: (50)Bundles 4in.x6in.x4ft., 1,500 CRANE MATS, 5 PRESSURE WASHERS: (3)2020 Ameritrail 3500psi, (2)Shark 3500psi, 2 ATTACHMENTS: (2)Skid Steer: (2)Belltec Auger, 9 HYDRAULIC HAMMERS: 2012 Hammerrock HR210, (2)Hammerrock HR320GP, (2)Allied AR130B, Kent KF45, Kent KF9, Okada TOP300, Stanley EX50, 3 EXCAVATOR BUCKETS: 2019 Remu PD3160 Screening/Crushing, 2015 Remu EX140 Screening/Crushing, Remu WL160HD Screening/Crushing, LARGE QUANTITY SUPPORT EQUIPMENT.

SALE SITE PHONE: (315) 633-2944
Phone: (315) 633-2944 • Fax: (315) 633-8010
Syracuse, NY (Evenings) (315) 637-8912

"Cash or Company Check" accompanied by current “Bank Letter of Guarantee”, made payable to Alex Lyon & Son. Everything Sells “AS IS, WHERE IS.” The following charges will apply on all purchases: (1.) For each unit $40,001.00 and above, a 5.99% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check. (The standard fee of 8.99% will be assessed when paying with credit card); and (2.) For each unit $1,001- $40,000, a 10% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 13% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card. (3.) For each unit $0- $1,000, a 12.5% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 15.5% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card.
**Please NOTE: An additional fee may be assessed when bidding online**
The Bidder is responsible for knowing which item he/she is bidding on. If he/she is unsure, he/she should inquire or not bid. When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. Auctioneer will not honor “mistakes”.