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OHIO AUCTIONEER LICENSE #: 62199360989 Jack H. Lyon

Cat, Case, John Deere, Komatsu Earthmoving Equipment, Aerial Lifts, Telescopic Forklifts, Skid Steers, Dump Trucks, Truck Tractors, Equipment & Dump Trailers, Attachments, Support Equipment


Address: 935 U.S. 23 N., Delaware, Ohio 43015

Note: Selling in this sale will be Very Late Model Rental Fleet Equipment from several National Rental Fleets.
HILITES INCLUDE: 6 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: 2014-2013 JD 624K(789hrs.), 2015-2014-2012 JD 544K(898hrs.), 2017 Case 521F, 24 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: Unused Volvo EC220LC, (2)Unused Volvo EC160EL, 2017 Volvo ECR88D, 2016 Volvo EC60E, 2010 Cat 314DLCR, 2014 Cat 312E, (2)Unused Cat 308E2CR, 2017 Cat 305E2CR, 2011 JD 135D, (2)Unused-2014 JD 85G, 2012-2011 JD 50D, 2012 JD 17D, (2)Unused Doosan DX85R-3, (2)Unused Doosan DX63-3, Demo NH E35B, 2013 Case CX75SR, NH E80, 2 HYDRAULIC HAMMERS & ACCESSORIES: Cat 140DS Hammer, 2008 Atlas Copco AC750, 3 EXCAVATOR THUMBS: (2)Gentec MT2650, Gentec HT830, 11 CRAWLER TRACTORS: 2015 Cat D6NLGP, (2)2015 Cat D6K2LGP, Cat D6H, (2)Cat D6D, Unused Cat D5K2XL, 2013 JD 850KLGP, JD 850B, Case 1650L, Case 650LLGP, 2 MOTORSCRAPERS: (2)Terex TS14B, CARRY DECK CRANE: 2006 Broderson IC-200-3F, 7 TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOES: (3)2014 Case 580 Super N(4x4), 2010 Case 580 Super M, Case 590 Super N, NH Workmaster-33(4x4), NH LB90(4x4), 2 ASPHALT ROLLERS: Bros, Ferguson, 6 VIBRATORY ROLLERS: 2015 Cat CS54B, Cat CS533E, 2017 Dynapac CA2500PD, 2017 Dynapac CA1500D, Unused Bomag BW177D-5, 2013 Case SV208, 11 RUBBER TRACKED SKID STEERS: (2)Unused Cat 289DXPS, 2012 Cat 259B3, (2)2015-2014 Case TV380, 2015 Case TR320, 2011 NH C238, 2012 JD 323, 2014 JD 329E, 2011 Takeuchi TL250, 13 SKID STEERS: Unused Takeuchi TS60RR20, 2016 Takeuchi TS60RR20, (2)2017 Kubota SS75, 2014 Bobcat S530, 2017 Case SV280, 2014 Case SR220, 2014 Case SR130, 2012 JD 323, 2012 JD 318D, Gehl SL6635, (2)2015 NH 218, MINI TRACK LOADER: 2013 Toro TX427, 4 TRENCHERS: Case 460(4x4), 2010 Vermeer RT200, 2013 Ditch Witch RT20, 2010 Ditch Witch R230, 2 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: 2011 JLG G10-55A, 2010 Skytrak 10054, FORKLIFT: 2011 Toyota 8FG25, 2 BOOM LIFTS: 2006 Genie S85, JLG 450AJ, 2 WELDERS: 2008 Multiquip DCA400SS, 2012 Miller Big Blue 300, 13 LIGHT PLANTS: (4)2012 Magnum Pro MLT4150(15Kw), (2)2013-2011 Magnum Pro MLT3060, (2)2013 Doosan LSC, 2012 Wacker LTW20Z1, (2)2011 IR Lightsource, 2011 Terex AL4000, 2 AGRICULTURAL TRACTORS: (2)2014 Case IH Magnum 220 T4B(4x4), 4 TRACTOR LOADERS: (3)2014 JD 3320, JD 4010 Compact, WOOD CHIPPER: 2013 Vermeer BC600XL, 14 TRUCK TRACTORS: 2012 IH Prostar Premium, 2012 IH Prostar 122, (4)2012 IH Prostar, (8)2012 IH 8600, 2 CAB & CHASSIS: 2005 IH 4400, Mack CX613, 2 SERVICE TRUCKS: 1998 IH 4700, 1997 Ford Louisville, PICKUP TRUCK: 2012 Dodge 1500SLT, AUTOMOBILE: 2011 Ford Taurus, SNOW EQUIPMENT: 2010 Western UHW 9 Plow, DUMP TRUCK: 2005 IH(s/a), UTILITY VEHICLE: JD XUV550, 8 SCRAP RECYCLING EQUIPMENT: (2)New 2-Yard Stackable Self-Dumping Hoppers, (2)New 1.5-Yard Stackable Self-Dumping Hoppers, (2)New 1-Yard Stackable Self-Dumping Hoppers, (2)1-Yard Self-Dumping Hoppers, 3 EQUIPMENT PARTS: (3)New Set Cat Excavator Tracks, 15 PALLETS OF STONE: (15)New Pallets Irregular Tumbled Stone, 4 PRESSURE WASHERS: (4)New Easy Kleen Magnum Gold, 4 HEATING EQUIPMENT: Flagro FVO, 2012 Wacker E3000, (2)2011 Wacker Arcticbear, 122 ATTACHMENTS: (120)Skid Steer: 2013 Okada TOP35 Hydraulic Hammer, New Lowe 750 Hydraulic Hammer, New Stout XHD84-6 Brush Grapple, New Stout HD72-FB Grapple Bucket, New Stout 72-8 Brush Grapple, New Stout 84in. Material Bucket, New Stout 48in. Walk Through Pallet Forks, New Stout Pallet Fork Combo(w/removable grapple), Maxam 10-16.5 10ply Skid Steer Tires, (2)New 2cu.yd. Trash Hoppers, (3)New 84in. Fork Extensions, (4)New Attach Frames, (2)New Mid-State Tree Shear, (4)New Wildkat Tiller, (2)New Mid-State Stump Bucket, (4)New Mid-State Stump Grapple, (2)New Mid-State Reese Hitch Receiver, (11)New Mid-State Quick Attach Plate, (2)New Mid-State Hydraulic Adjustable Fork Positioner, (5)New Mid-State Hay Spear, New Mid-State Dozer Blade, (7)New Mid-State Bush Hog W/ 72in. Push Bar, (2)New Wildkat Broom, (2)New Mid-State Backhoe, (2)New Wildkat Auger, (2)New Wildkat 96in. Snow Plow, New Mid-State 84in. Snow And Litter Bucket With Bolt On Cutting Edge., (2)New Mid-State 84in. Root Rake With Teeth, (2)New Mid-State 72in. E-Series Root Grapple, New Mid-State 80in. Snow And Litter Bucket With Bolt On Cutting Edge., New Mid-State 80in. Root Grapple, New Mid-State 80in. Rock Bucket Grapple, New Mid-State 80in. Rock Bucket, New Mid-State 80in. LP Bucket With Boce, New Mid-State 78in. Snow And Litter Bucket With Bolt On Cutting Edge., (3)New Mid-State 78in. Skeleton Rock Bucket, New Mid-State 78in. LP Bucket With Boce, New Wildkat 78in. E-Series Root Rake, New Mid-State 78in. E-Series Root Grapple, New Mid-State 74in. Snow And Litter Bucket With Bolt On Cutting Edge., New Mid-State 72in. Snow And Litter Bucket With Bolt On Cutting Edge., New Mid-State 72in. Root Grapple, New Mid-State 72in. Rock Bucket Grapple, New Mid-State 72in. Rock Bucket, New Mid-State 72in. LP Bucket With Boce, (2)New Mid-State 72in. E-Series Skeleton Bucket, (2)New Mid-State 72in. E-Series Root Rake, (2)New Mid-State 72in. E-Series Root Grapple, (2)New Mid-State 72in. E-Series Bucket Grapple, New Mid-State 68in. LP Bucket With Boce, New Mid-State 66in.E-Series Root Grapple, New Mid-State 66in. E-Series Rock Bucket Grapple, New Mid-State 66in. E-Series Rock Bucket, (3)New Mid-State 66in. E-Series Skeleton Bucket, New Mid-State 66in. E-Series Root Rake, (2)New Mid-State 66in. E-Series Rock Grapple, New Mid-State 63in. LP Bucket With Boce, (9)New Mid-State 48in. Fork Set, (2)New Wildkat 3 Point Hitch, Rubber Tired Loader: 2012 JRB Pipe Carriage Forks, Tractor Loader: 2011 Kent KF-9 Hammer, 78 NEW SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: (2)Mustang LF88 Plate Compactors, (2)Mustang CV3500 Concrete Vibrators, (4)Mustang MP4800 Submersible Pumps, Huskie B65 Electric Demolition Hammer, (8)Gentron 7500w Generators, (4)3pc. 14in. Premium Diamond Blades, (4)1/2in. Drive Air Impact Wrench Kits, (2)2in.x50ft. Discharge Water Hoses, (3)Auto Darkening Welding Helmets, (6)25ft. 800amp Extra HD Booster Cables, 3pc Air Spray Gun Kits, (4)29.5in.x90in. HD Work Benches, (4)30in.x57in. Welding Tables, (2)3/8in. AR500 Dueling Tree Shooting Targets, (2)3/8in. AR500 Gong Targets, (2)3/8in. AR500 Dueling Tree Shooting Targets(.22cal), (2)AR500 3/8in. Spinner Targets, (6)Lithonia Emergency Warehouse Lighting, (3)24in. Wall Mount Shop Fans 110v, (6)2.5in. Galvanized Deck Screws, (4)25ft. Conveyor Sets(16in. x 8ft.), (4)20in. x 40in. HD Moving Dollys, 7500w Portable Generator, 4200w Portable Generator, 34 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: (2)2014 Genie GL-8 Material Lifts, (2)Loading Dock Bumpers, (2)Forklift LP Tank, Banding Cart(w/tools), 5gal. Paint Shaker 110v, 12v Industrial Charger(w/cables), Industrial Shop Vac 110v, Rolling 3-Step Stock Ladder(w/shelves), Loading Dock Lights, (2)1-yd. Rubbermaid Rolling Trash Hoppers, (3)28in.x50in. Eagle Spill Containment Pallets, 2012 Husqvarna FS520 Concrete Saw, (3)Commercial Floor Fans, (4)Pallet Racks(32ft.), (3)Sets Fire Extinguishers, (2)Safety Harnesses(scissor/boom lift), (4)Cases 4in. Swivel Caster Wheels.
SALE SITE PHONE: (863) 602-8365 Mitch
OHIO AUCTIONEER LICENSE #: 62199360989 Jack H. Lyon

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