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~ Kendall Construction ~
Large Quantity Survey, Truck Parts, Support Equipment
Opens: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12th @ 12:00 PM
Closes: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22nd @ 12:00 PM


Main Address: 934 Salem Street Groveland, MA 01834
Additional Addresses:
31 Exeter Road, Hampton Falls, NH 03844
15 Whitaker Way, Seabrook, NH 03874
162 Amesbury Road, Kensington, NH 03833

Note: Kendall Construction was all Larry Kendall Kelley. The name is from his middle name. It started out its 43 years of success in the residential home building business. Became one of the largest single family home builders north of Boston for the first 20 years of its existence. During the second two decades Kendall Construction focused on site work only becoming one of the region’s leaders in private sector site development.


HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: MOTORCYCLE: 1985 Yamaha, 118 SURVEY EQUIPMENT: (2)Unused Tripod, Vintage Makepeace Compound Level Box w/Plump Bob, Power Geo Al 32 Automatic Level, Laser Level Targets, Luke MD23A Multimeter, David White 8300 Universal Level w/Tripod, Grade Stick, (2)AGL EAGL400 Electronic Level, Trimble Constructor 100 Digital Total Station, (5)Spectra Physics Dialgrade 1160 Pipe Laser, (2)Spectra Physics Wireless Line Dialgrade L1165 Pipe Laser, Topcon TP-L4A Pipe Laser w/Acc., Topcon TP-L3A Pipe Laser w/Acc., Spectra Physics Precision Dialgrade Pipe Laser, Spectra Physics Dialgrade 1050SL Pipe Laser, LCI PL120 Pipe Laser, AGL 400S Beamer Rotary Laser, (2)Spectra Precision LL500 Rotary Laser w/Target, Topcon RL-4HC Rotary Laser w/LS-80L Target, Topcon TP-L3A Rotary Laser, Topcon TP-H3A Rotary Laser, Topcon LS-B4 Level Sensor, Topcon RL-H3C Rotary Laser w/Target, Spectra Precision HV201 Rotary Laser, (2)Spectra Precision LL300 Rotary Laser, Pentax PLP-3 Rotary Laser, Northwest NMRL99 Rotary Laser w/Target, Spectra Physics Laserplane 500 Rotary Laser, Lasermark LM500 Rotary Laser w/Target, (2)Spectra Physics Laserplane 350 Rotary Laser, Lasermark LM30 Rotary Laser w/Acc., Spectra Physics Laserplane 125 Rotary Laser, Laserplane RD25-L Grade Eye, Caterpillar OR-4923 Sensor, Laser Alignment LB-900 Rotary Laser w/Acc., Bosch Professional Gll150e Rotary Laser w/Tripod & Target, Laser Acc., (2)Vintage Craftsman Level, Vintage CL Berger Level, Sokkia Set 6F, (2)Geotop Level/Transit MDL GT4, David White 8300 Level, Gen-Tech 41382 20X Stationary Auto Level, Topcon TL-6DE Theodolite, David White 8123 Level, Nikon AC-25 Auto Level, David White TR300 Transit, Geotop Transit Level, Schneider BD-7F Transit, Vintage Transit, Wedge Pro Smart Level, Stabila 196-2 Electronic Level, Targetech Level, Geotop GT4 Level/Transit, Topcon AT-F6 Auto Level, Pentax TH-20D Theodolite, Lietz C-40 Auto Level, Berger 143B Level, Berger 125B Mini-G Dumpy Level, David White 8014 Level, Nikon AP-3 Level, CST/Berger 28X Auto Level, Lietz Level, Berger SAL-1 Auto Level, Schneider BD-7F Transit, Berger Auto Level & Transit, Berger 140BU Transit Level, Craftsman Transit Level, Topcon AT-F6 Auto Level, Topcon AT-G7 Auto Level, Path Instruments T-22, (2)Enmet GG905R Tritector, (19)Tripods, Power Geo Tripod, CST/Berger Tripod, (2)Sokkisha Tripod, David White Tripod, Keystone Lasers, Topcon Tripod, AGL Tripod, Waste Inc. Tripod, Crain Tripod, Makepeace Loxo Vintage Tripod, Maine Technical Source Tripod, CST Tripod, Spectra Precision Tripod, 12 TRUCK PARTS & ACCESSORIES: I.H. R200A Doors w/Mirrors, (2)Set Vintage Truck Doors, (3)Checker Motors Corp. Hoods, (4)Wire Spoke Vehicle Rims, Checker Motors Corp. & Misc. Rims, (2)Checker Motors Corp Steering Wheels, (2)Boxes Assorted Checker Motors Corp. Tail Lights, Bin of Checker Emblems, (2)Vintage Truck Running Boards, 3 COLLECTIBLE SIGNS: 7ft.x16in. “Hoboken”, Mack L Series Pumper Sign, 66in.x8in. Wood “Groundbreakers Bryant Pond”, 632 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT.

SALE SITE PHONE: (315) 633-2944
MA AUCTION LICENSE: #295 Paul E. Saperstein Co., Inc.
Phone: (315) 633-2944 • Fax: (315) 633-8010
Syracuse, NY (Evenings) (315) 637-8912

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