Thursday, 02/06/2020 09:00 AM EST


Construction Equipment, Aerials, Forklifts, Cranes, Dump Trucks, Truck Tractors, Trailers, Support & Attachments


Address: 12601 Avalon Road, Winter Garden Florida 34787

Jack's Note: 27 Glorious Years Conducting This High Quality Sale.

The 27th Annual 9-Day Florida Auction: Where the Best Equipment is the Norm, not the Exception. The Greatest Auction On Planet Earth. Primarily selling 2015-2018 Cat, Komatsu, JD, Case, LinkBelt, Volvo, Atlas Copco, Aerial Equipment, Trucks and Trailers.

Special Note: For Non-Resident US Bidders: A $10,000 Cashier’s Check Deposited Prior to Bidding will be Required-No Exceptions.



2017 Cat 745C, (2)2012-2010 Cat 740B, 2007-2003 Cat 740, (2)2017 Cat 730C, (2)2011 Cat 725, (2)Unused Bell B30E, (2)2018 Hydrema 912F, (2)2016 Hydrema 912HM, 2013 JD 460ET, 2012 JD 300D, (3)2015 Komatsu HM300-3, 2013 Komatsu HM400-3, (4)2016 Doosan DA30, (2)2014 Volvo A40G, (2)2012 A40F, (8)2011-(4)2010 Terex TA300, 19 MOTOR GRADERS: (2)2018 Cat 140K, (2)2010 Cat 140M, 2008 Cat 140M-VHP, Cat 16G, Cat 140H, Cat 140G, 2011 Cat 12M, 2001 Cat 12H, 2011 JD 772GP, 2009 JD 770D, 2012 JD 672G, JD 670D, 2010 Case 865, Volvo G940, Volvo G780B, Mauldin 88, Leeboy G550, 2 MOTOR GRADER ATTACHMENTS, 44 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: Cat 988F, (2)2015 Cat 980M, Cat 980G, Cat 972G, (2)2018 Cat 966M, 2013 Cat 966K, 2016 Cat 962M, Unused Cat 950M, (3)Cat 950M, (2)Cat 950H, Cat 950G, 2014 Cat 950K, Cat 950F, Cat 938K, Cat 938G, 2017 Cat 930M, 2016 Cat 930K, (2)Unused-2016 Cat 926M, Cat 926E, Unused Cat 910M, (2)Unused Cat 908M, (2)Unused Cat 906M, 2015 JD 644K, 2015 JD 624K, 2011 JD 544K, 2016 Doosan DL250-5, (2)Case 621F, 2017-2013 Case 521F, Hyundai HL760-9, Komatsu WA420-3, Volvo L120E, 2012 Volvo L110G, New Everun ER20, 2 FRONT END DUMPS: (2)Terex 3-ton, 2 RUBBER TIRED DOZERS: (2)Komatsu WD600-3, 63 TRACTOR LOADER BACKHOES: (4)Cat 420F(4x4), 2015-2014 Cat 420FIT, (2)Cat 420EIT(4x4), Cat 420E, 2015 Cat 416F(4x4), (5)2017 JD 410L(4x4), 2009 JD 410J, (2)JD 410G, (2)2018-(8)2017 JD 310SL, (3)2018-2017-2016-2015 JD 310L, (2)2015-(2)2014-(2)2013 JD 310K, JD 310G(4x4), (3)2018-(3)2017-2012-2011 Case 580N, (7)2016-2015-2014 Case 580SN(4x4), 2009-(2)Case 580SM, Case 580SK, 2013 JCB 3CX-14S, 7 TRACTOR LOADER ATTACHMENTS, 15 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: 2014 Cat 336FL, (2)Unused Cat 320NXT GEN, 2018-2016 Cat 313FLGC, 2017 Cat 313FL, (2)2017 Cat 308E2CR, 2015 Cat 308E2, 2012 Komatsu PC200LC-8, 2015 Komatsu PC138-US10, 2012 Doosan DX140LCR, 2017 Volvo ECR88D, (2)Unused Rima RM07, 3 EXCAVATOR THUMBS, 14 EXCAVATOR BUCKETS, 4 MILLING MACHINES: (2)2015-2014 Roadtec RX600E, Wirtgen DC1900, 3 ASPHALT PAVERS: 2012 Leeboy 8515B, Cat AP 1050B, Leeboy L8000R, Rotary Mixer: Cat RM300, SOIL COMPACTOR: Cat 815A, 24 ASPHALT ROLLERS: 2014 Volvo DD140B, (2)2014 Sakai SW850II, Sakai SW330, 2017-2013 Cat CB14B, 2016 Hyundai HR30T-9, Terex/Benford TV1200, Stone WRR650, (12)Unused Storkie ST1200, (3)Unused Roadway RWYL42A, 72 VIBRATORY ROLLERS: 2014 Bomag BW219DH-4, 2013 Bomag BW219DH-5, (3)Unused Bomag BW213D-5, 2011 Bomag BW213DH-4, 2010 Bomag BW212D-40, 2018 Bomag BW211PD-5, 2016 Bomag BW211PD-50, (7)Unused Bomag BW177D-5, Demo Bomag BW177D-5, 2017 Bomag BW177PDH-5, 2014 Bomag BW177DH-50, 2013 Bomag BW177DH, Bomag BW145DH-3, (2)Bomag BW145PDH-3, Bomag BW124PDH-3, (7)Unused Bomag BW120AD-5, 2012 Cat CP56B, 2010 Cat CS56, 2009 Cat CP56, (8)2014 Cat CS54B, Cat CS563E, (3)Cat CS563C, 2015 Cat CS44, 2016 Volvo SD115B, 2017 Volvo SD75B, 2015 Volvo SD75, Volvo SD70D, 2013-2012 Case SV212, Hamm 3413, (4)Hamm 3412, 2011 Hamm 3410, 2014 Dynapac CA3500D, 2015-2014 Dynapac CA2500D, 2014 Dynapac CA1500D, Dynapac CA150PD, IR SD77DX, IR SD70, IR SD40D, 2018 Hyundai HR120C9, Sakai SV510, (2)Sakai SV505, Terex/Benford SP2008PDR, 3 TRENCH ROLLERS: 2010 Wacker RT82SC, Bomag BMP851, Ampac P33/24, 4 SCISSOR LIFTS: (2)Skyjack SJ6826RT, (2)Skyjack SJ3226, 10 SWEEPERS: (2)2016 Superior DT80K(cab), 2009 Superior DT80-J, (4)2013 Laymor 8HC, 2015 Laymor SM300, Broce CR350, 2016 Broce KR350, 14 WATER TRUCKS: 2012 Cat CT660(4,000gal.), 2007 Mack CXP613(t/a), 2008-2007 Sterling AT9500(4,000gal., t/a), 2005 Sterling(2,500gal., s/a), 2003 Sterling(4,000ga., t/a), 2000 Sterling(2,000ga., s/a), 2004 Freightliner(2,000ga., s/a), 2005 Kenworth T800(4,000gal.), 1999-1991 Peterbilt(t/a), 1991 Ford(3,500gal., t/a), 2006 Chevy C7500(2,000gal.), 2005 Chevy 8500(4,000gal., t/a), 5 WATER TANKERS: Cat 769C, 2007 Cat 725(6,000gal.), Cat 613C(5,000gal.), 2012 Terex TA300(6,000gal.), JD 250D, 2 VACUUM TRUCKS: 2008 Ford F650(s/a), 1992 Mack 613(t/a), DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILER: 2020 Witzco RG50, 3 TAGALONG TRAILERS: (3)2020 Delta(t/a), ENCLOSED TAGALONG TRAILER: 2020 Spartan(t/a), GOLF CART: Customized(w/back seat), RECREATIONAL VEHICLE: New 110cc ATV, 15 SKID STEER ATTACHMENTS, 2 SNOW EQUIPMENT: New 10ft., & 8ft. Snow Pusher, 2 ROAD PLATES, NEW & USED TIRES, MULTI-USE CONTAINER: New 40ft. High Cube, 4 CONTAINERS: (2)40ft. Insulated, (2)40ft., 2 STORAGE BUILDINGS: 40ft.x80ft.x21ft., New Golden Mount 30ft.x85ft.x15ft., 2 BOUNCE HOUSES: 15ft. Blue Water Slide, Pink Princess Castle, PARTY RENTAL SUPPLIES: 20ft.x20ft. Pole Tent, 3 JEWELRY: Diamond Ring 3 Carat, Diamond Ring 1.66 Carat, Rolex Perpetual Watch, 2 FIRE WOOD PROCESSORS: (2)New Rima RM7-20T, 4 PRESSURE WASHERS: (4)New Easy Kleen, 408 NEW SUPPORT EQUIPMENT, SUPPORT EQUIPMENT.

Sale Site Phone: (407) 239-2700
Florida License: AB-1091
Florida Auctioneer: AU-1548 Jack Lyon

Phone: (315) 633-2944 • Fax: (315) 633-8010
Syracuse, NY (Evenings) (315) 637-8912

"Cash or Company Check" accompanied by current “Bank Letter of Guarantee”, made payable to Alex Lyon & Son. Everything Sells “AS IS, WHERE IS.” The following charges will apply on all purchases: (1.) For each unit $35,001.00 and above, a 5.95% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check. (The standard fee of 8.95% will be assessed when paying with credit card); and (2.) For each unit $1,001- $35,000, a 10% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 13% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card. (3.) For each unit $0- $1,000, a 12.5% administration fee will be assessed when paying with cash or good check, and a 15.5% fee will be assessed when paying with credit card.
**Please NOTE: An additional fee may be assessed when bidding online**
The Bidder is responsible for knowing which item he/she is bidding on. If he/she is unsure, he/she should inquire or not bid. When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. Auctioneer will not honor “mistakes”.