Friday, 04/28/2023 09:30 AM EST

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~ Niro Brothers ~
Cat, Komatsu, John Deere, JCB, Hitachi, Bell Construction Equipment, Hydraulic Excavators, Vibratory Rollers, Aerial Lifts, Forklifts, Skid Steers, Rubber Tired Loaders, Truck Tractors, Articulated Haul Trucks, Equipment Trailers
FRIDAY, APRIL 28th @ 9:30 AM

Address: 290 Washington Ave., North Haven, CT 06473

Note: Niro Brothers, one of the largest snow and general construction outfits around purchased all new machines for winter 2022-2023. However they did not get the snow they anticipated and will now sell those very low-houred machines at public auction. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy these new machines. All the machines are 2021, 2022, 2023 vintage.


HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: 85 RUBBER TIRED LOADERS: Like New Cat 980, Like New Cat 972, Like New Cat 972M, Like New Cat 966, 2013 Cat 966K, 2019 Cat 962M, (5)Like New Cat 950M, (2)Like New Cat 938M, (10)Like New Cat 930M, (11)Like New Cat 926M, (5)Like New Cat 920, 2022 Cat 908M, Like New Cat 906, (3)2018 Cat 906M, (4)Like New Komatsu WA270-8, (5)Like New Komatsu WA200-8, (12)Like New JD 544P, (4)Like New JD 524P, (2)Like New JD 244L, (2)Like New JD 204L, (2)Unused Case 321F, (2)Like New Hitachi ZW95-6C, Like New Hitachi ZW75-6C, (2)2022 Yanmar V100, (5)2021 JCB 409, 7 ARTICULATED HAUL TRUCKS: (3)2021 Bell B30E, (4)Unused Hydrema 912, 26 HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS: Like New Cat 330, (3)2020 Cat 320GC, (3)Like New Cat 315GC, 2022 Cat 3132D, (2)Unused Cat 313GC, Demo 313GC, 2019 Cat 311FLRR, 2019 Cat 305E2, Like New Komatsu PC238USLC, (2)2022 Komatsu PC210LC-11, (2)Like New Komatsu PC138USLC, 2020 Komatsu PC80MR-5, 2019 Doosan DX140LCR-5, (2)2022 Doosan DX85R-3, 2020 Doosan DX62R-3, 2021 Kubota KX080-4A2, (2)2019 Kubota KX080-4A, RUBBER TIRED EXCAVATOR: Demo Hitachi ZX220W-7, CRAWLER TRACTOR: 2020 Cat D3K2 LGP, 3 ASPHALT PAVERS: 2016 Leeboy 8510C, 2006-2001 Blaw Knox PF3200, 13 ASPHALT ROLLERS: 2000 Cat CB634, 2003 Cat 534D, (2)2021 Volvo DD35B, (2)Unused Bobcat ATR26, 2013 Hamm HD110V, 2009 Hamm HDO70V, (4)Like New Hamm HD12VV, 2013 Betuthling B155, 4 VIBRATORY ROLLERS: (2)Unused Hamm H16i, (2)Unused Dynapac CA1500D, 16 RUBBER TRACKED SKID STEERS: (4)Like New Cat 299D3, (7)Like New Cat 289D3, (4)Like New Cat 259D3, Like New JD 325G, 9 SKID STEERS: (2)Like New Cat 262D3, (4)2019 Bobcat S570, (2)Like New JD 324G, Like New JD 320G, 6 TELESCOPIC FORKLIFTS: (2)Demo JCB 540-170, (4)Demo Manitou MT1440(4x4), 2 ROUGH TERRAIN FORKLIFTS: (2)Unused JCB 940(4x4), TRUCK TRACTOR: 2005 Sterling LT9500(46R), FLATBED TRUCK: 2019 Ford F350, 21 PICKUP TRUCKS: 2022 Ford F350, (13)2019 Ford F350(XLS plow, sander, 4x4), (2)2019 Ford F250(V plow, sander, 4x4), 2014 Ford F250 Lariat(4x4), 2016 Ford F150 Lariat, 2006 Ford F150, (2)2021 Dodge 2500(4x4), 4 UTILITY TRUCKS: 2016 Ford F350, (2)2011 Ford F250, 2002 Chevy 2500, SPORT UTILITY VEHICLE: 2015 Lincoln Navigator XL(4x4), DETACHABLE GOOSENECK TRAILER: New 2023 Witzco RG52(tri.) EQUIPMENT TRAILER: Landoll 317(48ft.), 3 TAGALONG TRAILERS: 2018-2006-2001 Cross Country(tilt, t/a), CARGO TRAILER: 2016 Integrity(s/a), 2 WATER TRAILERS: 2014-2013 Sure-Trac(t/a), 2 MULTI-USE CONTAINERS: (2)New 40ft. High Cube, 3 CONTAINERS: New 12ft., 9ft., 8ft.(door, window), 3 PORTABLE BATHROOM STATIONS: New Bastone 110v Portable Toilet w/Double Stall, (2)New Bastone 110v Portable Toilets w/Shower, 14 STORAGE BUILDINGS: (2)New Golden Mount 40ft.x20ft., (2)New Golden Mount 40ft.x80ft.x20ft., (2)New Golden Mount 40ft.x40ft., New Golden Mount 30ft.x85ft.x15ft. New Golden Mount 30ft.x65ft.x15ft., New Golden Mount 30ft.x40ft.x15ft., (3)New Golden Mount 20ft.x30ft.x12ft., (2)New Golden Mount 20ft.x20ft., 4 SCRAP RECYCLING EQUIPMENT: (4)New Greatbear 1 Yard Self Dumping Hopper, TRASH CHUTE: Durachute Trash Chute Sysyem, 14 PRESSURE WASHERS: (4)New Easy Kleen Magnum Gold, (4)New Stanley Fat Max 34oopsi, (6)New Realm 2600psi, 18 ATTACHMENTS: (16)Skid Steer, (2)Forklift, 90 NEW SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: (2)Stanley 2in. Water Pump, (4)Trades Pro 850/1200w 2-Stroke Portable Generator, (2)Mustang LF88 Plate Compactor, (5)Mustang MP4800 2in. Sub Pump, Mustang CV3500 Concrete Vibrator, Huskie 11218SDS Hammer Drills, New Huskie B65 Electric Demo Hammer, (4)12v Diesel Fuel Pump, 12v Diesel Fuel Pump w/Flow Meter, (10)25ft., 800amp Extra HD Booster Cable, (6)Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, (2)8-ton Combo Pintle Hitches, (2)4pk. 10,000lb. Ratchet Cargo Straps, (8)3 Pc. 14in. Premium Diamond Blades, (6)2in.x50ft. Discharge Water Hose, 1/2in. Drive Air Impact Wrench Kit, (6)Greatbear 20ft. Bi-Parting Wrought Iron Gate, (7)Greatbear 14ft. Bi-Parting Wrought Iron Gate, (3)Steelman 10ft. Workbench w/30-Drawers, (2)Steelman 10ft. Workbench w/25-Drawers, (2)Steelman 7ft. Workbench w/20-Drawers, (2)Steelman 7ft. Workbench w/10-Drawers & 2 Cabinets, (2)Steelman 6ft. Workbench w/10-Drawers, (2)Greatbear (5)9200lbs Ratchet Binder & (10)20ft. 3/8” Chain, (2)Greatbear (5)5400lbs Ratchet Binder & (10)20ft. 5/16” Chain, Greatbear Bucket Mixer, New Greatbear 200lb Anvil, Greatbear Electric Winch, Greatbear Qty Of 22pc 2t-5t Webbing Sling, (2)5/16’’ 7ft. G80 Double Legs Lifting Chain Slings, PLUS: Dump Trucks, Light Plants, Generators, Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts.


SITE PHONE: (770) 537-7387 Brendon
Phone: (315) 633-2944 • Fax: (315) 633-8010
Syracuse, NY (Evenings) (315) 637-8912

UPDATE: Cash payment will only be accepted on sale day. After sale day, all items must be paid for by Certified Check, Wire Transfer, or Credit Card. "Certified Check" made payable to Alex Lyon & Son. Everything Sells “AS IS, WHERE IS.” The following charges will apply on all purchases: (1.) For each unit $45,001.00 and above, a 5.99% administration fee will be assessed when paying with Cash, Certified Check, or Wire Transfer. (The standard fee of 8.99% will be assessed when paying with credit card); (2.) For each unit $1,001- $45,000, a 10% administration fee will be assessed when paying with Cash, Certified Check, or Wire Transfer. (The standard fee of 13% will be assessed when paying with credit card); (3.) For each unit $0- $1,000, a 12.5% administration fee will be assessed when with Cash, Certified Check, or Wire Transfer. (The standard fee of 15.5% will be assessed when paying with credit card).
**Please NOTE: An additional fee may be assessed when bidding online**
The Bidder is responsible for knowing which item he/she is bidding on. If he/she is unsure, he/she should inquire or not bid. When you become the winning bidder at auction you have effected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. Auctioneer will not honor “mistakes”.