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Part 2 of Acquisition of Ahern Rentals

~ United Rentals • Ahern Rentals ~
Scissor Lifts, Light Plants, Generators, Water Pumps, Heating Equipment, Welders, Welder and Crane Accessories, Attachments and Support Equipment

Note: Due to the recent acquisition of Ahern Rentals, United Rentals must move excess rental inventory to make room for new arrivals!

HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: 17 SCISSOR LIFTS: 2017-(5)2016-(3)2015-(5)2014 Haulotte 3947E, (2)2018 Haulotte H3947E, 2018 Skyjack SJIII4632, 3 CRANE ACCESSORIES: (3)2021 Lift-Tech MB-2000A Material Crane Basket, FUEL TANK: 2015 Western 500 Gallon Double Wall, 8 HEATING HEATING EQUIPMENT: 2017 Thermobile IMAC 4000E 1.5mm Lp/Ng, 2018 Thermobile IMAC 2000 750K BTU, 2018 Thermobile IMAC4000E 1.5mm Lp/Ng, (3)2020 Dryair CHU 2000-1200 1.2mm Central Heating Unit, (2)2010 Thermobile IMAC 2000S 750K BTU, 98 LIGHT PLANTS: (3)2017 Phoenix PH17MHBSM 70w Explosion Proof, (80)2017 Crouse DP22372PLW4X2 4ft. 55kw Explosion Proof, (4)2018 Larson EPL-BS-70LED 70w Explosion Proof, 2019 Worksite XPLED70WBS 70w Explosion Proof, 2020 Magnum Pro MLT4200IVF4, 2017 Wacker LTW8K, 2019 Cavalier CIPR-76W, 2020-(2)2019-(2)2018 Magnum Pro MLT3060MV, 2017 Magnum Pro MLT4060MV, 2019 Generac MLT3060MV, 9 WATER PUMPS: 2008 Tsurumi 8in. Electric Submersible, 2012 ABS 9A-J604ND 10in. Electric Submersible, 2015 Versamatic E3CA2R220C-ATEX 3in. Cast Iron, 2015 Toyo DPF-75B-MT2 8in. Electric Submersible, 2012 Pioneer VP44S10L71-4024, 2010 Bakercorp BP44LS-GD49OT, 2013 Magnum Pro MLT5080K/0015 8Kw Submersible Power Unit, 2012 Magnum Pro MLT5080K/0015 8Kw Submersible, 2012 Pioneer VP86C21L716135, 8 WELDERS: 2015-2012 Miller HF-251D-1 TIG Suitcase MPA, 2015 Miller Suitcase12RC24V Wire Feeder MIG 12RC, (3)2016 Lincoln K3402-1 Welder Rack 350amp 4/6 Pack, (2)2018 Lincoln Welder Rack 350amp 4/6 Pack, 3 WELDING ACCESSORIES: (2)2021 Bugo ADB-4057/ADB-70 Track Torch, 2021 Lincoln K3972-3 Smoke/Fume Extractor, 11 GENERATORS: 2018 Magnum Pro MMG45FHKCAN, (2)2019 Wacker G70 T4F, 2017 Cavalier 35Kw, 2019 Cavalier CIPR-76W, (3)2018 Kustom Pwr 75KVA, 2018 Cavalier CIPR-25-V3, 2018 Magnum Pro MLG15, 2019 Kustom Pwr KPS-50 LP/NG, AIR COMPRESSOR: 2013 Doosan HP1600WCU-IQT4I, 9 ATTACHMENTS: (9)Skid Steer, 83 SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: (2)2012 Ingersoll Rand 1in. Air Impact Wrench, 2012 Worksite SLDWXP5-120v Light String 5-head 120v Explosion Proof, 2012 Hytorc 4XLCT202 Ratchet Link, (2)2013 Hytorc JGUN-A1-AP 3/4in. Air Torque Wrench Gun, 2013 Hytorc 4XLCT210 Ratchet Link, 2013 Hytorc 18XLCT410 Ratchet Link, 2014 Ingersoll Rand 1-1/2in. Air Impact Wrench, 2014 Fein JCM 206Q Magnetic Drill Press, 2014 Greenlee 1802 Pipe Bender Table, 2014 Kito M3CB030-20-20 6,000lb. Manual Hoist, 2014 Fastorq Flange Spreader Toe Hyd 5-ton, 2014 Knaack 60in. 115 cu.ft. Job Box, 2015 Hytorc JGUN-A3-AP 1in. Air Regulator Wrench Gun, 2015 Atlascopco Tex P90 90lb. Breaker, (2)2015 Texas-Pneumatic TX-5AMF Air Manifold Multi Outlet 60-gallon, 2015 Harrington CB150-30 30,000lb. Manual Chain Hoist, 2016 Hytorc JGUN-A1-AP 3/4in. Air Torque Wrench Gun, 2016 Ridgid 918 Hydraulic Roll Groover, 2016 Enerpac RC504 50-ton Hydraulic Ram, 2016 Enerpac Flange Spreader Pin Type Hyd 10-ton, 2016 Hydratight HB10 10in. Clamshell Pipe Cutter, 2016 Hytorc 8XLCTB203 Ratchet Link, 2016 Hytorc 8XLCTB200 Ratchet Link, 2017 Hytorc JGUN-A1-AP 3/4in. Air Torque Wrench Gun, 2017 Current 281 Pipe Bender, (10)2017 Tamco TAM3P Vacuum Industrial Pneumatic 5-gallon, 2017 Hilti VC 300-17 X Vacuum Elec Concrete Dust Multi Stage, 2017 Jung R4 Machine Skate Flat Top 4-ton, 2017 Hydratight NB12 12in. Clamshell Pipe Cutter, 2017 C S Unitec Air Saw Portaband, 2017 Hytorc 2XLCT200 Ratchet Link, 2017 Hytorc 8XLCT215 Ratchet Link, (2)2017 Hytorc 4XLCT214 Ratchet Link, 2017 Hytorc 2XLCT50mm Ratchet Link, (3)2018 Ingersoll Rand 2925P1TI 3/4in. Air Impact Wrench, (2)2018 Ingersoll Rand 1in. Air Impact Wrench, (3)2018 Ingersoll Rand 1-1/2in. Air Impact Wrench, (2)2018 Fein JHM USA 101X Magnetic Drill Press, 2018 Enerpac RC504 50-ton Hydraulic Ram, 2018 Euramco EFI150XX 16in. Blower, 2018 Col McKinn 3532NHCF Electric Chain Hoist, (5)2018 Pop-It Flange Spreader Toe Ratchet 5-ton, 2019 Ingersoll Rand 1-1/2in. Air Impact Wrench, 2019 Wacker DPU6555HE Reversible Plate Compactor, 2019 Enerpac HCL-5010 50-ton Hydraulic Ram, 2019 West Tech 9610C Light Magnetic Base LED Explosion Proof, 2019 Knaack 60in. 47 cu.ft. Job Box, 2019 H & M Pipe Beveling Machine, 2020 Euramco EFI150XX 16in. Blower, (2)2020 Hytorc 8XLCT209 Ratchet Link, 2021 Texas-Pneumatic TX-5AMF Air Manifold Multi Outlet 60-gallon, 2021 Wacker DPU6555HE Reversible Plate Compactor, 2021 Kito TSGI100-30 10-ton Trolley Beam, 2021 Jung JKB4 Machine Skate Flat Top 4-ton, 2017 Greenlee Tray Electric Cable Feeder, 2021 Bomag BPR70/70DE Reversible Plate Compactor, 2018 Ditch Witch C14, 2021 Wacker DPU6555HE Reversible Plate Compactor, 2018 Multiquip MVH508DZ Reversible Plate Compactor.

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  • Taxes will be charged where applicable. GST 5%, Sask PST 6%. Wherever the sale is being held is which provincial taxes will be applied.

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