Online equipment auctions offer amazing benefits

Online equipment auctions offer amazing benefits

Sellers are always looking for easy ways to get the equipment they no longer need off their hands and get money in return so they can fund other business activities. If you’re a construction, landscaping or farm company, you can sell your equipment through online industrial auctions! Here are some benefits of selling your equipment at an online auction.


If you want to impress buyers, providing the utmost convenience for them is one great way to get their attention. Buyers can bid in online auctions when and where they want, and they have the opportunity to bid on multiple items at the same time.

No moving

What’s convenient for you as a seller is you don’t have to worry about transporting your equipment from where it’s currently located to the live in-person auction. You get the same money for your equipment but with no transportation costs.

More buyers

Online auctions also provide a larger pool of buyers. Think of all the people who couldn’t make an auction at a certain location and time. You can meet them online. There’s a whole new world of online buyers, including stay-at-home buyers and younger buyers who prefer bidding online.

Larger reach

Along with more people, you can reach more buyers from different locations, even worldwide. You can be sure to find the right buyer who will pay the right price for your equipment and put it to good use.


Everything on online auctions will also show up on Google when searching for it. For example, if someone is looking for secondhand heavy machinery for their upcoming project, and they search Google for “used excavator,” they’ll be directed to the auction site where they can bid on the item.

Longer bidding windows

Longer bidding windows give buyers the time to research what they really want and to make sure the used equipment checks all the boxes. Live auctions move fast and you often will have to make decisions on the spot, whereas online auctions offer them the ability to make more informed decisions.

More details

You can ensure accuracy to your buyers, which they love, by providing them with service records, regular maintenance, hours the machine has been put to use and more. Your buyers can scroll through your detailed description to ensure they’re getting a quality piece of equipment.

Consider online industrial auctions with Lyon Auction

If you have equipment that has been used to complete the jobs you needed to get done, and you are now looking to sell the items, consider online industrial auctions. We care about our customers, both the buyers and sellers. We make sure your equipment checks out inspection-wise and then provide buyers with the quality equipment they need. Contact us today to get going!


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