Avoid Auction Scams

Avoid Auction Scams

Buying heavy equipment is one of the biggest expenses for a company. While it is tempting to want to buy the shiniest, newest, top of the line piece of equipment right from the catalog, buying from online equipment auctions can save a company a lot of money. It is important to be sure that you know what you're buying.

Advantages of online heavy equipment auctions

One of the advantages of buying from heavy equipment auctions is that it is easy and convenient. Rather than having to spend hours outside searching different lots, you can simply look for the equipment you want, place a bid and make your order, right from the comfort of your home or office. Another advantage is that the options you have for purchasing equipment are usually much broader than what you could get from a catalog or private dealer. You may have access to heavy equipment that is older as well as brand new, with many different makes, models, brands and features from years past that you might not get today.

There are also several myths about heavy equipment you should not believe. The first one is that used equipment has a short lifespan. This is not true, you can find equipment that has either been gently used or well-maintained by the previous owner. Another advantage of heavy auctions is that the equipment being sold comes with maintenance history, you know what you are buying! 

Another popular myth is that used equipment is only being sold because it does not work. Oftentimes companies use their equipment for only one project and move to another area and have no further use for equipment. This turns into another advantage for online heavy equipment auctions because the equipment has only been used once and still has a lot of life to it. 

Two ways to avoid auction scams

Research your purchases

In order to effectively buy from online equipment auctions, you need to be sure that you know what you want and that you understand how the online auctions work. Make  a list of brands, years, features, makes and models that you are willing to consider, along with a top price you are willing to pay. If you are not able to visit the auction site in person, you will be able to make the best decision about your purchase if you have heavily researched the equipment you are considering.

Make the best decision

In order to be sure that you can trust the online equipment auctions that you are considering by purchasing the piece of equipment that comes with maintenance records. The company should be able to show you what maintenance they have performed on the equipment and when and why. You need to be able to feel confident about a piece of equipment's history before you buy it.


Some online equipment auctions offer money-back guarantees. It is best to shop around for a reputable online auction company that offers some buyer protections, this way, you can enjoy the convenience of buying equipment online and be sure that you are getting just what you want.

Alex Lyon & Son have many locations all across the United States. If you are serious about your equipment and your project, then consider visiting a nearby auction to establish the options that are available to you. Visit our website to learn more about our online bidding process!


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