Be aware of these things at online auctions

Be aware of these things at online auctions

With the upcoming year, comes new machinery! How are you doing your shopping this year? Online, store or machinery auctions are all good places to look for new equipment. Online shopping has become extremely popular over the last few years. Unfortunately, that also means scams have also gained popularity. Make sure to be cautious when you are shopping this year! 

What is a dummy bidder? 

If you are shopping online or at a machinery auction, a term you might come across is “dummy bidding.” Another term for this a false bidder, and they are used to create attention for a certain product. This can result in you paying more money for the equipment that you have been eyeing. Read these tips to learn how to identify a dummy bidder

  1. Show up to the machinery auction early and go over any new rules. 

  2. Ask around, find out what people are looking to buy, you can even ask them straight up if they are a dummy bidder! 

  3. Pay attention to the auctioneer, how quickly are the bids coming? Try to see if you notice a pattern. 

  4. Look out for any bids amounts that have been raised by an unusual amount.

  5. Act as if you no longer want the item, it will throw the dummy bidder off. 

Tips to avoid online scams 

Buying online is convenient, you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home! You can even arrange for your heavy machinery to get sent to the location you need it at. While shopping online, be sure to be wary of any ongoing scams. 

The rule of thumb when avoiding scams is to always read the fine print. Another thing that you want to remember when you are at an online auction is to start small, never just throw out a ton of money! 

Another tip, is to contact the seller and discuss the item a little bit. You can ask for any maintenance history or if there is anything you should know about the item. Also, ask for additional pictures. 

Also, keep in mind if the deal seems too good to be true, you are most likely right. It’s important to follow your gut in situations like these! 

Always go with a company you can trust. Lyon Auction offers secure online bidding to avoid dummy bidders! Their goal is to make your auction experience stress-free. 

How to spot a scammer 

Here are things to check to make sure the website is legit. 

  1. Take a look at the domain name, does it look real? 

  2. Never pay for anything that has you transferring to another bank account. 

  3. Look at the website, check for any grammar errors or sentences that do not make sense. 

  4. Make sure their websites lists a location. 

  5. Read the return policy, and learn about their shipping details. 

  6. Go over reviews online, see what others are saying about this company. Make sure the reviews are real people!

Do not get spooked out, not all online auctions are scary! The benefits of an online auctions are that you can easily place a bid and continue with whatever you were doing. You also have more access to more equipment. Always ask companies for a maintenance records, this way you can know what to expect with your heavy equipment. It’s important to be a careful shopper and to always double check the products and what they are worth.

Shopping at machinery auctions can save you money on heavy equipment, do not turn a blind eye to them. At Lyon Auction, we pride ourselves on honesty! We work hard to ensure that both the buyer and seller have a headache-free process! We are there from start to finish, contact us today! 


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