Benefits of wheel loaders

Benefits of wheel loaders

Wheel loaders have several benefits and advantages when compared to other machines. They last a long time when they’re taken care of. They can carry large loads, they’re versatile, they’re easy to use, they reduce operation costs, come in different sizes and are low maintenance. Purchasing one from equipment auctions can save you money and still get you a quality piece of equipment. Below are some reasons why you should utilize a wheel loader!

They can carry large loads

Wheel loaders are great for construction, landscaping and mining because they can carry a lot of weight and successfully move it from one place to another. They’re great for scooping soil and other ground materials like rocks and sand. You can attach a small, medium or large bucket to a wheel loader depending on the project. You can also find buckets with specific purposes such as engineering, grain, rock or multi-purpose.

They’re versatile

Wheel loaders are known for their earthmoving capabilities, but they’re also great for many other things. Aside from the buckets, you can attach blades, augers, backhoes, hammers and rakes to expand their capabilities. They can then lift hay barrels for farming purposes, carry pipes, compact gravel or sand, drill holes in the ground and break stones. This expands their use to the agriculture and recycling industries.

They’re easy to operate

It’s important for employees and mechanics to be properly trained on how to operate wheel loaders to ensure safety and productivity. Wheel loaders have more movability than excavators, which makes them a little simpler to handle. Some machines need auxiliary lines for attachments, but not wheel loaders. It’s an adjustable piece of equipment that is easy to train employees on.

They can help reduce operational costs

Along with how easy training is, it takes less time than training on other machines. Your employees can quickly learn and get to work. Wheel loaders also make tasks easier at job sites because of their versatility, giving your company more time for more projects, and thus more money. They are cheaper than many other machines when it comes to servicing and parts, too.

They come in different sizes

Some projects require a machine that can work in small spaces, and others need a sturdy piece of equipment for a weighty task. Wheel loaders can do both because they come in different sizes and capabilities. Along with different sized buckets, the machines come in compact, small, medium and large sizes.

They are low maintenance

Depending on how much your wheel loader is being used, it will require different amounts of maintenance. We recommend completing inspections before and after use to notify yourself of any possible upcoming services and as a preventative maintenance measure. This will also keep repairs cheaper in the long run.

Find the wheel loader you need at one of Lyon’s equipment auctions

We host equipment auctions both in-person and online, so it’s always convenient for you. We know that wheel loaders are a great and necessary addition to any fleet. If you’re in the market for one, consider purchasing second hand. Contact us today with any questions!


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