Best Heavy Equipment For Demolition

Best Heavy Equipment For Demolition

In the construction industry, it takes large construction equipment to build structures. Likewise, it takes large construction equipment to demolish existing buildings. Both building and demolition require different machines, attachments, tools and uses. 

At Lyon Auction, we provide used large construction equipment at all of our equipment auctions. We inspect all of our equipment beforehand, to ensure you are getting the best quality for the price. In this post, we discuss the best heavy equipment you can use for demolition projects, as well as touch on some common demolition attachments used!

Demolition equipment

When using heavy equipment for demolition projects, it’s important that you are choosing the right type of equipment. Usually for demolition projects, you will want to use hydraulic attachments like: rippers, brushcutters, saws, augers and buckets. 

Choosing the right equipment and attachments are essential in ensuring your project goes as planned. Always thoroughly go through your project so you fully understand what needs to be done so you can choose the right equipment!


Excavators are used for a number of things, one of which includes demolition projects! These are some of the most versatile machines used throughout construction sites. They can perform a variety of forestry and deconstruction tasks, such as knocking down trees and demolishing multi-story buildings. 

Skid steers

Skid steer loaders are also used for demolition projects. Although most skid steers are smaller than other equipment, they are very useful for tight job sites. The front bucket can be replaced with a variety of different attachments that are useful in tearing down and transporting structures. 


Bulldozers, also known as dozers, are one of the most powerful machines used in construction. These machines are large yet compact, and can take down pretty much anything in their way. Bulldozers come with a large blade in the front, making it very easy to move dirt, grade the surface, and perform other demolition tasks. 


Cranes also belong in the large construction equipment category that is used for high level demolition projects. Generally, a heavy weight wrecking ball is attached to a crane, and then swung to help push and bring down a large building. Cranes are also capable of lifting and lowering materials and objects, making it more versatile than one may think!

Once the ground, building or structure is demolished, there are then certain types of equipment needed to remove and transport the waste. Most of the time, a skid steer, boom lift or front-end loader will get the job done! With these machines there are many attachments such as magnets, buckets, stump grinders and brooms that will help with removing the materials!

When it comes to demolition projects in construction, it’s important that you are choosing the right equipment for your job. Use this guide to help you choose the best demolition equipment!

At Lyon Auction, we offer many large construction equipment pieces at auctions around the country. From skid steers to cranes, our auctions are always filled with the highest quality equipment of all sizes. To learn more about our company, or our upcoming auctions, visit our website today!


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