Best Machinery For Moving Land

Best Machinery For Moving Land

In the construction industry, there are many jobs and projects that require you to clear land. Whether this is to grade a level surface, dig holes or remove obstacles that may be in the way depends on the project. Luckily, the innovation of equipment has made clearing land much easier and efficient for construction companies. 

As leaders in the construction equipment auctions industry, we understand how important heavy machinery is in getting tasks done quickly and correctly. Below, we discuss which equipment is best for clearing land on your job site!


Pretty much every job requires some level of bulldozing, especially at rocky or woodland job sites! If you need to clear trees, plant roots, or rocks out of your job site, you will have no problem using a bulldozer! Bulldozers are also very efficient at flattening a surface, and removing topsoil in areas you’d like to lay concrete. This powerful machine will help you clear land in a number of ways! 


Another great machine for removing and clearing land are excavators. There are many different types of excavators construction companies can buy, all of which perform different tasks. With an excavator, you will be able to push and pull debris, dig trenches, break down trees, and lift heavy objects, all without a problem! Excavators also allow you to work on different areas without moving your machine due to their 360 degree rotation. If you are in need of purchasing a new excavator for your company, check out our upcoming construction equipment auctions on our website!

Skid steers 

Skid steers are another type of equipment that have many land clearing functions. Skid steers are also one of the most versatile equipment types that can be used in almost any job! Skid steers are compact machines that are perfect for smaller projects or job sites where room is limited. Their main functions include digging, drilling and compacting! You can think of skid steers as mini bulldozers with many more uses! 

Backhoe Loaders

Lastly, backhoe loaders are an equipment type that has earth-moving capabilities! Often called backhoes, these machines are able to work in limited space and perform a variety of tasks. A backhoe loader is capable of moving dirt, digging holes and trenches and are great at backfilling excavations. With an adjustable shovel in the front and a small bucket for digging in the back, this versatile machine has helped construction companies become much more efficient on the job site! 

As the weather outside begins to warm up and construction companies become busy with work all across the country, it’s important that you are using the proper equipment and machinery to get your jobs done efficiently and correctly. If you ever find yourself in need of earth-moving equipment, make sure you consider all aspects before making a final decision!

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