Best Size Of Vacuum Excavator For Your Job

Best Size Of Vacuum Excavator For Your Job

In recent years, the underground construction company has grown tremendously and will continue to grow over time.  When working on an underground construction project, there is not a more useful machine than a vacuum excavator. Also known as suction excavators, vacuum excavators help break up the earth (ground) in an effective and safe way using high powered jet streams and vacuum functions. However, as the need for vacuum excavation increases, so does the variety of machines. 

At Lyon Auction, we offer construction auctions to allow companies and individual contractors the opportunity to purchase high-quality used equipment at an affordable price. There are a number of different sizes when it comes to vacuum excavators. Below, we give some helpful tips on how to know what size of vacuum excavator is needed for your project!

One size doesn’t fit all

One thing to always remember when it comes to any excavator is there is not one size that fits all projects. Obviously, smaller machines are not capable of handling the workload of larger projects, and vice versa. 

One thing to take into account when trying to figure out what size of vacuum excavator to use is the distance and time required to dump, as well as potential weight restrictions. 

Sizes of vacuum excavators


If you are working in a confined space, or your project is just small, a compact excavator is your best choice. Although compact models are generally smaller, they still have the capability to dig holes with air or water and efficiently transport waste. 

Compact vacuum excavators have about a three cubic yard capacity, and are usually used in urban areas where jobsite’s are smaller.


If you are needing something slightly bigger than a compact model, mid-size vacuum excavators are next on the list! This nine cubic yard capable machine is most commonly used by governmental, utility and general contractors across the country. From fencing jobs to general utility, a mid-sized vacuum excavator can do it all! They are able to fit in tight areas, as well as tackle bigger jobs!


Last but not least, the full-size category. Full-sized vacuum excavators are your go-to for big projects that require a lot of power and transportation capabilities. These machines can handle even the toughest jobs. Full-sized excavators usually come with more attachments and product offerings than other models, which makes it even more versatile! 

Vacuum excavators are a top machine when it comes to underground construction. When purchasing a vacuum excavator at any construction auctions, keep this guide in mind to ensure you are getting the right size machine! 

At Lyon Auction, we offer many construction auctions across the country. If you are looking to add more used heavy equipment to your company, check out our upcoming auctions! You certainly won’t want to miss out!


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