Bulldozers and their use in construction

Bulldozers and their use in construction

Bulldozers are essential to any construction company's fleet. They’re most commonly used in mining, agriculture, landscaping and other construction projects. Knowing the different types and uses of bulldozers can be helpful when choosing the right one. Learn more about bulldozers and their use in construction below!

Bulldozer uses

Bulldozers are designed for shallow digging and ditching, and they can push large amounts of dirt, rubble and other materials short-range. They’re also great for spreading piles of soil, rough grading, leveling, building roads, clearing building sites and even removing trees, stumps and boulders. Farmers had previously used them to plow and clear land. Today, they’re highly efficient and have a wider variety of applications.

Types of bulldozers

The three main types of bulldozers are crawler, wheel and mini. Crawler bulldozers, also called track bulldozers, are best for loading and pushing large amounts. They can maneuver uneven surfaces and tricky terrains, all while carrying heavy loads. They can clear land when fitted with a ripper.

Wheel bulldozers are larger than crawler bulldozers and can maneuver better because of their tires. They’re best for moving materials and leveling ground. They can even handle soft ground because wheels cause less damage.

Mini bulldozers, also called compact dozers, are smaller but offer more speed and versatility. They’re great for working in tight spaces and are most commonly used in residential or landscaping projects.

Bulldozers can also be equipped with different types of blades to better perform certain tasks. Common bulldozer blade attachments include S-blade, U-blade, S-U blade, angle blade and power-angle-tilt (PAT) blade.

What type is best for your project?

To determine which bulldozer is best for your project, you’ll need to consider job efficiency and safety. Choosing the right one will ensure the job can get done on time, and it’ll keep your employees safe while in use. Check out the job site beforehand to take a look at the terrain and determine what material-moving requirements there are.

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