Bushnell, Florida: Cosigner Callout

Bushnell, Florida: Cosigner Callout

Our 29th annual Florida auction is coming up quickly! We will be in Bushnell, Florida from February 5th to the 13th at our biggest auction of the year! This nine day event will offer a variety of heavy machinery, including: construction equipment, landscaping equipment, many trucks and utility vehicles, generators, machinery attachments, and much more! 

If you or your company is currently looking to sell a piece or pieces of equipment, our Florida auction is a great opportunity to do so! Here are some tips on what to do to get your equipment sold at auction. 

Research the market

Before you decide to sell your equipment, it’s a good idea to research the market to learn about current trends, prices and other important information. Learning this information will help you make wise decisions and determine whether or not now is the right time to sell. 

When researching, consider checking out online auction marketplaces to see what similar items are going for. 

Prepare your equipment

Once you have decided to sell your equipment at auction, it’s now time to get your equipment ready. Pieces of equipment that are well maintained, clean and refurbished tend to sell for more than those that are not. Your equipment will also need to be inspected by the auction company to ensure that it’s what you say it is, and meets the pricing valuation that you gave them. Overall, preparing your equipment is very important to get the most for your equipment at auction. 

Provide all details to the auction company

When you choose an auction company to sell your equipment through, it is then important that you provide them with all the important information needed about your equipment. You should offer detailed photos, videos, technical  specifications, warranties, service records and spare parts that come with the purchase. All of this information allows potential buyers to know exactly what they are getting!

Sell with Lyon Auction!

After going through all these steps, it’s time to choose an auction company to sell through! At Lyon Auction, we are always accepting new auction consigners. With our upcoming nine day Florida auction, now is a great time to be able to sell your equipment to thousands of potential buyers. All you need to do is visit our website, fill out our consignor form under the “Seller's Page” on our website, and agree to our terms and conditions. Please note, Alex Lyon & Son auctioneers will not accept any consignments without proper prior written seller consent (i.e.: seller signature and full contact information). An automatic processing fee of $99.00 will also be charged per consignor. For more information, please contact our team at Lyon Auction today!


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