Callan Marine Boats To Be Auctioned In Kissimmee, FL

Callan Marine Boats To Be Auctioned In Kissimmee, FL

Alex Lyon & Son Auction is gearing up for a milestone event, the 25th Anniversary Florida Sale is coming up on next month! Kicking off on Saturday, February 3rd and running all the way through Sunday, February 11th in Kissimmee, Florida. Lyon Auction will be auctioning a wide variety of items including, but not limited to, construction equipment, aerials, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks, truck tractors, trailers, support and attachments. Don’t miss out - come join us for our BIGGEST sale of the year!

There’s two items you will absolutely not want to miss. Lyon Auction will be auctioning off these beautiful boats, the Callan Marine C-62 and the Callan Marine C-55 on Wednesday, February 7th in Kissimmee, FL!

The 2005 Callen C-62 is the ultimate combination of performance and luxury coming in at 62-feet long with a 13 foot beam. Top speed ranges between 100 and 130 miles per hour, depending on engine configuration. The C-62 weighs approximately 30,000 lbs and is sold with a custom built trailer. This particular boat has 200 hours total time and has been stored indoors. Differentiating itself with the C-55 is the sleek, graceful body.

The Callan C-55 is a 55 foot long boat with two Lycoming T55-L11 Turbine engines with 3,600 horsepower each. The boat has a third engine, a 300 horsepower Yanmar diesel for maneuvering and electrical system. The race boat has state of the art, fly-by-wire control and navigation systems and reaches top speeds of 130 miles per hour. This 2005 C-55 weighs about 32,000 lbs and sells with a custom built trailer.

Callan Marine is an independently owned and operated marine and coastal construction firm. Callan Marine's design and manufacturing techniques employ the latest in CAD technologies. This allows for customization and highly accurate plans and test simulations for each hull, engine, and drive combination, as well as cabin layouts and features individually tailored and tested to meet the specific performance and comfort level required by each individual owner.


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