Celebrating National Auctioneers Week

Celebrating National Auctioneers Week

National Auctioneers Week is May 1-6 this year. This week, we want people to know how important a good auctioneer is for any auction. Auctions are a great way for people to get second hand items for a good price without a ton of negotiations. Auctions can also give those who participate in them an adrenaline rush while competing for the item they want. Lyon Auction hosts equipment auctions all over the states, and we want to give you a bit of history on auctions, some fun facts and ways you can celebrate!

History of National Auctioneers Week

Auctions, in one form or another, have been around since 500 B.C. Babylonians auctioned off women to be wives, and the Romans sold slaves and pieces of property to pay their debts. We began to see auctions in America around the 1600s; Pilgrims who came here on the Mayflower used a method of auctioning for crops, livestock, farmers and slaves.

During the Civil War and World War II, we saw forms of auctioning to sell spoils of war and other items quickly and privately. Soon after, auctioneers were viewed as businessmen. Auctions made it easy for these people to trade their items for cash. Although previous forms of auctions were not necessarily virtuous, auctions have come a long way. Auctions continue to be popular, and online auctions have risen in popularity. They’re a competitive way to bid on everyday items, including heavy equipment.

Fun facts about auctioneers

Why do auctioneers talk so quickly? Well, it gives those participating in the auction a sense of urgency to get their bid in before they miss out completely. Auctioneers also help ensure the auctions are fair, as well as make sure the property being sold is legal and at the right price. There are about 30,000 auctioneers in the United States. Auctioneers make auctions more enjoyable; anyone can appreciate the excitement surrounding winning the item you want!

Ways you can celebrate

How can you help us celebrate National Auctioneers Week? For one, you can participate in any auction or consider purchasing secondhand heavy machinery from Lyon Auction. We offer both in-person and online auctions. If you cannot purchase anything this time around, consider spreading the news. If you know someone looking for quality equipment for a good price, tell them about us!

Why we love equipment auctions

We love everything about equipment auctions, and we take the time to ensure our customers are happy. Quality assurance is what we do, and we’re a leading provider of heavy equipment and construction materials in America. We host some of the largest auctions in the U.S. with some of the largest inventory. We want you to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information, or take a look at our auction calendar!


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