Choosing The Right Lift For Your Project

Choosing The Right Lift For Your Project

There are a number of options when it comes to low-level access equipment for construction work on aerial platforms. Construction workers, supervisors, facility managers, and residential owners alike face this purchasing decision when commencing a large-scale project. From portable lifts that extend a few feet, to larger machines that can reach 60 feet in the air, asking simple questions about the work that needs to be done can help you to determine the best machine for your particular task at hand.

Answer These Questions

The first question you should ask about a particular project is the number of workers that will be present on the jobsite. Record the required vertical reach, whether the jobsite is indoors or outdoors, and the weight of the materials that will be lifted. Take a look at the surrounding area and check for any narrow doorways or hallways, stairs, or elevators that will need to be accessed. Look around at the floor, conditions of the worksite, and any obstacles that could at all impede transporting or operating the equipment.

Portable Lifts

For low-maintenance tasks like changing light bulbs, rearranging your home decor, or servicing air conditioning ducts, a portable lift is a great option. This type of lift has a secure platform and the ability to access it around all 360 degrees, which is beneficial for construction workers who will be loading and unloading it. The portable lift is easy to maneuver, and boosts materials to a height of up to 20 feet in the air in a short amount of time. One benefit of choosing this type of lift is its non-marking wheels that minimize their impact on flooring.

Large Lifts

For tasks that require you to reach heights of over 20 feet, there are plenty of additional equipment options that include boom lifts, compact crawlers, and scissor lifts. These machines are capable of performing many different facility maintenance jobs. Some use the lift to reach up and over objects or obstacles, but are also up for repair and inspection tasks. Large lifts have a higher weight capacity and platform height, powered by environmentally-friendly systems and non-marking tires with 360 degree access. These lifts allow multiple workers, tools, and other machines to be onsite.

Whatever construction project is at hand, there are a variety of lift options to help accomplish work safely and efficiently in any work environment. In order to choose the right lift, you will have to ask the right questions and familiarize yourself with all of the available options to you. To learn more about lifts and where you can buy them, visit our site!

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