Cleaning checklist for heavy equipment

Cleaning checklist for heavy equipment

A great way to prevent unnecessary maintenance on your large construction equipment is to keep up with cleaning it. Your heavy equipment gets dirty every day on the job, and over time dirt, dust, grease, and grime builds up. Cleaning heavy machinery may be a large task, but it has many benefits; you can ensure your equipment lasts as long as it should and keeps performing well.

Lyon Auction knows the importance of cleaning equipment to keep it in the best possible condition. A clean machine will not wear as fast as a dirty machine. When there is grime buildup on your equipment, it adds more weight. Rocks and sticks can weasel their way into your machine while it’s performing, and it’s important to get them out. Cleaning equipment also notifies you of any potential problems, and enhances the safety of your workers. Clean machines also make your company look more professional.

What to use to clean your large construction equipment

Before you jump right in and start cleaning your equipment, it’s necessary to have the right protection on yourself. Wearing coveralls will protect your arms, legs, and body from burns when using hot water to clean. You’ll also want to be wearing waterproof, non-slip footwear that close at the top to protect your feet and keep hot water out of your shoes. Wear glasses or a face shield to protect your face and eyes. Wearing rubber gloves will protect your hands from cuts and scratches when taking the removable pieces off.

First, you should have a designated wash bay to clean your equipment in. Then, you’ll absolutely need a pressure washer or cannon to successfully clean your large construction equipment. Take off the removable parts of the equipment before cleaning the whole thing; this ensures that you can get into all the crevices of the machine. Start cleaning the underside of the machine, as that’s the dirtiest part.

If water only is not doing the job, you can use detergents and other cleaning solutions to help. Most of them you’ll put on the machine, wait 15-20 minutes, and then pressure wash off. It’s just as important to clean the inside cab of the machinery as the outside. Wipe off all the controls, wash the mats, and clean the windows. 

Importance of cleaning heavy machinery

The more regularly you clean the machine, the easier cleaning it will be. Schedule regular time to clean your equipment. Cleaning prevents downtime and your machine needing repairs because when you’re cleaning it, you can make sure all the wires and parts are in good condition, and it’s sure to make it last longer. It also improves the safety of your team, which is of utmost importance.

If you’re planning on eventually auctioning your equipment off, cleaning it will help you get the most bang for your buck. It will also prevent any rust or corrosion, keeping your machinery in top shape for the longest time. Lyon Auction can help you sell or find the heavy machinery you’re looking for. Contact us today if you have any questions.


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