Common skid steer problems & what to do

Common skid steer problems & what to do

It’s important to keep your skid steer in good condition so that it can keep assisting with all your projects. From time to time, you may experience problems with your heavy machinery. If you know what to look out for, you’ll be better able to avoid unexpected problems and unnecessary maintenance. Here are some signs of common skid steer problems and how to correct them!

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Some of the most common issues that come up with skid steers are engine related. If your engine won’t turn over, try checking the fuel system’s filters, fuel lines and tank. Know that if your skid steer is powered by diesel, you have to regularly change the filters, and if you don’t follow their recommended maintenance, issues can arise. 

You will then want to make sure that the fuel lines aren’t clogged with anything. If fuel cannot get from the tank to the fuel injectors, the engine cannot operate properly. You will also want to make sure that the glow plugs on both sides of the engine are secured. If they ever become loose, the engine won’t be able to function properly. Also, they help keep the engine warm in a cold environment. Occasionally, the throttle cables can become loose as well, so be sure to check that they’re attached correctly.


The second most common issue with skid steers is hydraulics related. If the hydraulic fluid isn’t at the right level, the skid steer loader won’t work as it should. A clogged hydraulic fuel filter can also be the culprit. The loader’s power will be impacted if fluid is unable to flow freely. The pump is another crucial piece; make sure the belts are tightly secured and not worn out. Be sure there aren’t any leaks coming from the hydraulic system’s lines, and ensure the valves are able to open and close easily.

Control system

The control system is the final most common issue. If the joystick controls for the steering and loader are not working right, try reconnecting and tightening the connections. Also, make sure the wires are all attached. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need to replace the entire control circuit board. If your controls are responding but at a slower rate than they normally do, inspect the safety switches. You will also want to check the battery as a faulty control system is hard on it.

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