Compact Equipment Tips

Compact Equipment Tips

Renting and operating compact equipment gives your team the competitive edge to take on short-term projects and different ways of accessing revenue. Using the most advanced equipment in the construction industry will reduce operating costs and cut wasted time completely out of the picture. There are a number of benefits to renting compact equipment, but it is important to educate, train, and guide workers that will be on your site in order to succeed.

Provide The Proper Training

Before using any rented compact equipment, it is essential to properly educate and train operators. Before doing so, you must review the manufacturing operation instructions and maintenance manual. Next you must review all safety information provided with the machine. Potential hazards should be identified and procedures should be in place in case of injuries.

For more training resources, check out the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) safety manuals. If operators are unfamiliar with the machine they will be using, ask for hands-on training to help explain basic operating procedures.

Safety First

The importance of safety starts with management and operational team members exemplifying model behavior for all other employees involved. Health and safety precautions should be viewed as an investment as opposed to a chore.

Protective clothing and devices are another way to keep your operators safe. Always wear a seatbelt, use grab handles, and wear tight fitting clothes that won’t snag on anything. You can also use lights and noise devices for working.

Keep Up With Maintenance

As an owner or renter, you are obligated to perform maintenance on compact equipment routinely. Inspect your machines thoroughly before using them to discover any problems or possible issues.

Look for damaged or missing parts as you clean the undercarriage of the machinery to reduce future wear and tear. Keep an eye on tire pressure, battery cables, fluid levels, and all other connections. This will help prevent downtime. Keeping up with necessary maintenance allows you to complete jobs efficiently and correctly.

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