Construction safety: Proper signage on the site

Construction safety: Proper signage on the site

Construction plays a huge role in our society today as it contributes to the development of cities through building projects. However, construction sites and their surrounding areas remain hazardous environments, despite recent advancements in technology.

For example, there is always a threat of slips and falls occurring to both workers and passersby in a construction site. Therefore, it's vital to put in place safety protocols that protect all employees on-site and people in the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the safety protocols of a construction site, making safety signage a must for all construction projects.

One of the construction site safety tips is having proper signage throughout the site. Here are three reasons why safety signage is essential in any construction site.

1. Emergency exit

During emergencies, e.g., fire outbreaks, most people succumb to injuries and even death because they don't know the main points of exit. Additionally, many workers end up in a stampede as they try to leave through the primary entryway.

Having signage that shows clear doors of exit in case of emergencies can prevent such fatalities from occurring.

2. Give warnings

Most construction accidents occur when on-site workers aren't aware of how much danger a site poses. For example, if there is a risk of flying objects and rotating parts on a site, employees can possibly get eye or head injuries.

Placing a warning sign for flying objects cautions workers to avoid such areas or wear protective gear like a helmet and goggles when accessing these areas

3. Inform passersby

It's common to find individuals lurking around construction sites to watch heavy machinery in action. Such first-timers can cause harm and damage to themselves and your construction site. Luckily, with clear safety signage, they can be aware of the dangers on your site, prompting them to leave immediately.

With safety signage, people with language barriers can also understand the safety protocols in your construction site. Signs should be used for danger, warning, cautious, biological hazard signs and instruction. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that danger signs are the color red, black or white. The human eye and brain have been trained that the color red means “stop” this makes employees be extra cautious about entering the area.  

Another construction site safety tips are to have quality signs in the work area. Working with heavy machinery, dirt and power tools can damage low-quality signs. This means that there will be more money coming out of your pocket to replace the signs.  

Construction site safety tips are important for all employees to go over with new and current equipment to prevent any danger. 

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