Construction safety tips to tackle the summer heat

Construction safety tips to tackle the summer heat

The scorching summer heat is hard on all of us. For those working at a construction site, the temperature soars intensely. If you work in this industry, you’ll understand how dangerously hot it gets and how important it is to take precautions. Long exposure to summer heat can cause heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Therefore, keep yourself safe from these consequences by following these safety tips at a construction site.

1. All-time availability of water:

The importance of drinking water doubles during the summer at a project site Drinking water from time to time will help your body stay hydrated and also protect it from overheating. The more water you drink, the safer you will stay.

2. Dress to reduce the heat:

Working on construction projects requires you to follow a particular uniform code for your own safety. However, you can beat this by choosing a lightweight uniform with a lighter color to reflect the heat rays. Conversely, dark colors absorb the sun’s rays so avoid wearing them while outside.

3. Watch your head:

The majority of your blood flows through the head and neck region and this makes it a natural heat regulator for your body. Constant exposure to elements will affect your body temperature. In the summer, cover your head with a hat to cool your body temperature. Cooling bandanas are an excellent choice to shield your neck too.

4. Choose lunch carefully:

Food rich in fat will make you feel bloated which is a bad condition in higher temperatures.

Keep lunch light during the hottest part of the day to avoid feeling weighed down and uncomfortable before heading back to work.

5. Plan the right time for your job:

During summer, the heat is unbearable in the mid-afternoon. If possible, opt for a job where you can spend less hours during the peak heat time. The alternative is choosing the indoor work during peak time and leave the outdoor work for days when the sun shows mercy on you.

6. Stay healthy:

Staying healthy is the key to avoid any health complication. Having a good physical shape can make you fight the heat for longer. Extra body fat and health problems will make your body overheat, damaging it even faster. Doing regular physical exercise and a healthy diet is must to keep yourself safe.

7. A basic first aid for heat exposure:

Basic first aid at a construction site includes making the person lie in shade with feet elevated above the heart. This allows blood to flow to the brain more easily and decreases cardio loading. Remove work boots. Get some fans going to lower body temperature and provide evaporative cooling.

Beat the summer heat on a construction site by keeping these safety tips in mind.


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