Different Types of Forklifts

Different Types of Forklifts

It’s that time time for your business, you are in need of new large equipment. You might not know where to look, what kind you want or maybe you just have no idea where to start. Don’t worry, you come to the right place, in this blog we will go over the different kinds of forklifts, auctions and options you have when it comes to buying large equipment. 

Types of Forklifts

Counterbalanced forklift, this is the most standard lift truck and this what comes to mind when people hear “forklift.” Counterbalanced forklifts stick out at the front of the machine and it can be driven right up to the load it’s picking up. A counterbalance forklift can be either electric, gas or diesel. 

The reason for its name is, the weight is not easily distributed, it is back heavy and the heavy load in the front will help to balance it. 

Industrial Reach Forklifts are typically used for moving materials on and off tall shelves. This machine is mainly used while standing and can be more of a challenge to use compared to counterbalance lifts. It also uses electric, gas or diesel. 

Narrow Aisle Forklifts typically are used for shelving. Another name for this is: reach trucks.  These forklifts perform different kinds of lifts; side, turret trucks and swinging. 

Telehandlers are also known as ‘cherry pickers’ they are used to pick things up from places that other forklifts can not reach. This machine is typically used for any outside work. 

Rough Terrain Forklifts is used for outdoors, the tires have thick threads which helps with balancing on uneven ground and it has a more effective engine to go faster and move around more accurately. 

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks is what you will commonly see in warehouses and storages. They all have a jack to lift a heavy load from the ground. There is a large variety of different styles and designs and can move up to 5000 lbs. 

Where to buy Large Equipment

An auction! Get all the myths about auctions out of your head, here are reasons why you should get your equipment from an auction. At auctions, they have a wide selection, there are all different which gives you the opportunity to find out which is best for you. The maintenance history will also be provided for you. Another bonus is that you will be able to get you want bought right away. There’s no waiting period! If you have been browsing and looking at prices you know that it can get expensive! If you choose to purchase from an auction, you can expect cheaper prices. 


If you have decided to go the auction route, there a couple of things you should know before

Look around before you set your eyes on one thing; price shop, do some research and try to contact the person who is selling to ask about the equipment. You may even bring along a trusted mechanic to auctions who can inspect for you. 

At Lyon Auction our main priority is to make this process an easy one for both buyers and sellers. One thing that makes us unique is that all of our equipment is at the same location! If you have any questions, contact us today.


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