Different types of heavy construction

Different types of heavy construction

Whether you are new to heavy equipment or have been in the business for a while, the different types of equipment can be overwhelming. The best way to buy large equipment is at auctions because you can find top brand names for a reduced price and get a good value for your money. 

Popular heavy equipment 

Excavators are common in the world of construction, they are used for digging, heavy lifting or destruction. They have a long arm and at the end of the arm it is designed to dig and pick things up. The whole cabin can rotate to 360 degrees, making any operation easier. This large equipment can be found with wheels or with tracks. Dragline excavators are used to dig in deeper areas and have a cable that helps with digging. They can also be used under water. 

Backhoe is extremely common, as the name suggests the hoe is located on the back of the vehicle. The front of the vehicle has a loading bucket and is used to lift items. 

Chances are that you have probably heard of a bulldozer but are you familiar with what they do? They are used to remove dirt/soil. The plate can be moved higher or lower based on your needs. 

Trenchers are machines used to lay cables, pipelines or drains. There are two types of trenchers, chain and wheeled. Chain trenchers have a long arm and a diggin chain, wheeled trenchers are made of metal. Both trenchers can be found with a track or wheels. 

Dump trucks are a common heavy equipment that is made into toys for younger kids. Did you own one as a child? Do you know it’s actual function? The name of this large equipment is exactly what it is used for. It’s used to take materials to the dump, they have enormous wheels and a huge bucket to hold things. 

Buy your heavy equipment at an auction

If you are looking to save money, an auction is the best place for you to go. Heavy equipment is like cars, the minute you drive off the lot the overall value depreciates. When you shop an auction, you can expect to see a range of brands, from the most popular to the least popular. 

To avoid any scams, it is best that you go through a professional auction company, such as Lyon Auction. It is a family owned business and has the reputation of being the fastest paying auction company in the U.S.

In addition to all the benefits from Lyon Auction, they have an online shop for those who are too busy to attend one in person. Also, they have a proxibid, this is where you place the highest amount of money you are willing to spend on a certain item and someone from the auction company will place bids for you. Proxibid will always do what it can to get you the lowest amount possible. 

Another advantage about buying at an auction is that they have financing options! When you look into buying equipment brand new, they always try to get you by stating their lowest financing rate, but nine times out of 10 that is not the rate you will get. Often times you are quoted a price but when it comes time to pay it is more than what they told you. These are more reasons why you should buy from an auction! 

Here at Lyon & Son we have a huge variety when it comes to large equipment! We pride ourselves on honesty and will always work with both the buyer and seller from start to finish. We work hard, so you do not have to! Contact us for more information.


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