Disenfecting new equipment

Disenfecting new equipment

Have you done your part to flatten the curve? Working in the construction industry can be a bit of a challenge, but there are still steps you can take to protect yourself and those around you. The main thing is to wash your hands, wear gloves and masks. 

But are you making sure the interior of your equipment is clean? We will discuss tips for cleaning your equipment during COVID-19. 

Cleaning your equipment

It does not matter if you just bought new equipment from the store or online equipment auctions, you should always disinfect your equipment. Or if you have owned your equipment for a while, it is a good idea to have a regular cleaning schedule. 

To clean the exterior of your equipment, you want to pressure wash it to remove any mud or grease. Another thing you want to do is set a regular schedule to clean to replace your filter and clean your engine. While you are cleaning, you want to be wary of anything that is electrical, like wires because if they are damaged it can hurt your equipment. 

During this pandemic, you can’t forget to disinfect the inside of your construction equipment. The CDC recommends that you wear gloves while cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning should be done with soap and water. After you clean, you want to disinfect high-touch areas. This means the steering wheel, door handles and any shifts you use to operate your equipment. 

Any high touch area should be cleaned and disinfected daily to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This also goes for any new equipment you bought from an online equipment auction. Construction is one industry that has not come to a complete halt so it is important to protect yourself and employees during these times. 

Tips for preparing your equipment for spring 

Now that you have cleaned and disinfected your equipment, you want to make sure that you get it ready for this upcoming season. The first thing you should do is check your fluid levels, filters and grease! 

Next, you want to check the seals and make sure that none have been frozen or damaged by harsh winter weather. Also, check out the arm to see if the equipment suffered from any wear and tear. It’s best to get these issues fixed right away! 

Remember to inspect your engine for any cracks or damages. In addition to the engine, you should inspect the battery and any other routine checks. For example, windshield wipers, heaters or air conditioners. 

The goal is to check your equipment regularly so it has a longer life! Regular maintenance and cleaning are imperative to your equipment. 

At Lyon Auction, we are taking the steps to clean and disinfect all the heavy equipment you will find at our online equipment auctions. Getting your equipment from an auction will save you money and give you a variety of options when it comes to brands and vehicle types. Contact us today for more information!


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