Finding the right farm sitter

Finding the right farm sitter

On large farms, staff manage livestock and crops to ensure that everything runs smoothly. On a smaller farm, often a farm sitter is needed. However, finding the right fit is no small chore. Don’t wait until your next vacation to hire someone to mind the farm or care for your animals. Finding a farm sitter ensures you’re covered in case the unexpected arises.

Ask around

The best sources for farm sitter referrals are other farmers. Ask neighbors, staff at fee shops, and local livestock veterinarians about local sitters. While you collect names, ask family and friends if they know of any reliable farm sitters. You don’t want to hire someone who did a poor job for another farmer. Collect contact information for the most promising leads and start calling potential farm sitters.

Call references

After interviewing prospective farm sitters, call their references. Ask specific questions about the tasks the farm sitter performs, whether there have ever been issues and whether farmers recommend the sitter for similar work.

Schedule an interview

You’re hiring someone to take care of your livelihood. Ask then any and every question you may have. Ask about their experiences, rates, and be sure to find a sitter who understands your operation. Someone with experience should be the one feeding and watering livestock they are familiar with. Schedules matter too! A farm sitter with a full-time job might not be available when you need them.

Make a list

Don’t assume that a hired hand will know exactly what needs to be done while you are gone. Make a detailed checklist and go over it with your farm sitter before you leave. The list should include farm chores and any special instructions for feeding, watering and administering medications. Leave emergency contacts with the names and numbers of your farm vets. The list should also include what is off limits, and if you don’t want the sitter using your equipment put that in colored ink.

Be available

Knowing your farm is in good hands allows you to take some much needed time off. However keeping your cell phone turned on in case the farm sitter has questions or needs help is a good idea. Again, this is your livelihood afterall. Don’t ever be afraid to call your farm sitter to make sure that everything is going alright too.

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