UPDATED: Five tips for snow equipment

UPDATED: Five tips for snow equipment

It’s about that time of the year again. Some places across the country have already started to see snowfall this winter, with other areas not too far behind. After a pretty warm fall, the winter season is finally here, putting halt on some projects while opening doors for others. One thing that will happen all over the country these next couple of months is snow removal projects!

At Lyon Auction, we offer commercial equipment auctions throughout the entire year. Our auctions provide businesses an opportunity to purchase used equipment at an affordable price. We have provided some tips on how to properly use your snow equipment!

Safety check

Before operating a piece of equipment, you want to make sure that everything is working properly. The flashing lights, sirens and all other features should be working to ensure that others can see you. This is certainly important as many snow removal projects happen overnight. Another important device you want to check is the defrosters, if you cannot see out of your heavy equipment you are putting yourself and others in danger. 

Let it warm up

Next, you want to make sure that you give the appropriate amount of time for your machine to warm up. The time varies and depends on the size of your machine. Cold weather can damage the interior of your machine, so be sure to let your machine warm up before any heavy usage.  

Icy conditions

Be wary of any ramps or bridges. This is also true for cars and trucks, ramps and bridges are the first to freeze. You should always drive with caution, especially during the winter. 

Sleep it off

Make sure that your body is well-rested. You know yourself best, do not force yourself to finish a job. Snow removal jobs can take hours and hours depending on how much snow your area gets, and operating heavy equipment on little sleep can be unsafe. Be sure you are preparing your mind and body for all elements!

Winter maintenance

Be sure to take care of the steps and grip plates on your heavy equipment! When it’s cold outside, it can cause ice to form which makes it slippery and challenging for you to get in and out of the machine. For example, if you were to grab a frozen handrail without a glove, believe it or not, you can get a cold burn! Keeping up with winter maintenance tasks will ensure that your equipment is ready for whatever it’s needed to do! 

As more and more of our country experiences snow, construction companies and contractors will soon be busy! Be sure to use these tips to keep yourself, your employees and your snow removal equipment safe this winter!

At Lyon Auction, we provide used snow equipment at our commercial equipment auctions. We have many upcoming auctions that will feature a huge variety of equipment types, helping you find what you need. Visit our website today to learn more about our upcoming commercial equipment auctions!


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