Heavy equipment inspection for incident prevention

Heavy equipment inspection for incident prevention

Heavy equipment has been linked to multiple fatalities and accidents in the past. Such accidents happen to both seasoned veterans and newly trained staff due to mishandling of equipment.

Poor maintenance and lack of annual inspections also increase the risk of injuries among operators as the heavy equipment is not  safe to use. Most managers monitor the condition of their heavy equipment, but it is vital to get regular inspections to minimize injuries.

Heavy equipment inspection not only ensures your machinery is in mint condition, but it also saves you money and time in the long run. For instance, any damage to your equipment can be repaired now to prevent machinery failure that requires replacement.

What it involves?

Heavy equipment inspection involves data collection, analysis, examination and testing to determine the condition of your machinery. OSHA requires all heavy machinery to pass an inspection test before use to ensure all its systems are functioning correctly

Some of the items that are inspected include but are not limited to:

  • horn

  • windshield

  • brake lights

  • headlights

  • brake system

  • taillights

Most people stick to maintaining the minimum on their equipment to comply with OSHA; however,  if managers and maintenance teams want machinery to last, don't overlook the small details.

Some heavy machinery costs more than a home; thus, it is essential to conduct regular inspections with a trusted inspector.

Heavy equipment inspectors

Machinery inspectors check all the components of your equipment to increase productivity and ensure safety. They check for damages in your equipment's battery, engine support, tires and wheels, rear hitch, radiator guards, and oil and level condition.

Always hire a professional inspector to maintain your equipment as some damages can go unnoticed to an untrained eye. Once all your equipment parts are working correctly, you can perform the toughest of jobs without them breaking down and falling apart.

Such high-level performance increases your yields allowing you to make profits and maintain your workers. If you are interested in heavy machinery for sale, it’s important that you inspect it before purchasing it. 

How to check if your heavy equipment is safe

Heavy equipment auctions are a good way to get the best price for equipment. If you work in the construction industry these auctions can benefit you especially if you need it for a quick job! The first thing you want to do with your equipment is to get an inspection! When you are inspecting it, think of it like a car, you should check the engine, radiator, gaskets, air filters and fluids. 

While you might think that buying from an auction can be a lot of work, the heavy machinery for sale is well worth it! Here are some benefits of buying from an auction. There is a wide selection of brands and this will help you find your perfect heavy equipment. With all the heavy machinery for sale, you can get what you purchased immediately! Yes, that true there is  no wait time. Another benefit of shopping at an auction is the cost, new equipment can be expensive! 

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