Heavy Equipment Safety Part 2

Heavy Equipment Safety Part 2

June is national safety month! This year, make sure that you are taking the proper precautions to stay safe on the jobsite using these heavy equipment construction safety tips. There are several risk factors and dangers that you should be aware of.

Last week we discussed staying safe around heavy equipment by ensuring you get the proper training, using visual inspections to ensure heavy equipment is in proper operating condition and how wearing a seatbelt can save your life.

Follow the rest of these safety tips when working with heavy equipment on the jobsite to ensure a productive and accident-free work environment.

Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings

It is important to always be mindful of everything around you when operating heavy machinery. If you encounter obstacles, it’s important to fix the problem right away before moving on. Power lines should be de-energized, and all underground utilities including sewer, water, gas and electrical lines should have been clearly identified and marked to avoid damage and delays that could cause more work in the long run.

During construction, other workers should be kept away from areas where heavy equipment is being operated. Operators should also be aware of their swing radius, especially when they are working in tighter spaces. This is to avoid hitting other workers, objects, or equipment in the vicinity.

Use The Equipment For Its Intended Purpose

Every piece of heavy equipment is made for a designated purpose. Bulldozers cannot do the same work an excavator can, for example. Be sure to choose the right piece of equipment for the task at hand, and use it as the manufacturer intended.

One essential piece of advice we have is to make sure you don’t overwork or overload any piece of heavy equipment, staying constantly aware and mindful of its capacity. If you are lifting materials, make sure all riggings are properly secured beforehand.

Keep Your Workzone Clear

Ideally, every work site is separated with barriers to keep workers safely away from operating equipment. If there are workers in close proximity, it’s best to use a spotter with a radio that can give signals and communicate what’s in that machine’s blind spot.

Backup arms on equipment actually go unheeded on many construction sites. When you are loading and unloading heavy equipment at the site, make sure it’s on level ground to avoid equipment rollovers. When heavy equipment is being turned off for the day, make sure your parking brakes are engaged and your wheels are locked in place.

Safety is extremely important to us here are Alex Lyon & Son. Working with or around heavy equipment should be part of your safety program, too! All workers should be thoroughly trained on the dangers and hazards of working with equipment before they operate it. Stay safe out there!

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