Heavy machinery maintenance tips

Heavy machinery maintenance tips

We all know that our heavy machinery will need maintenance at one time or another. Taking preventative measures in the first place will prolong the life of the machine as well as keep it out of the service shop. Lyon Auction knows the importance of taking good care of large construction equipment, so we wanted to give you some maintenance tips.

Replace the lubricant regularly

Lubricants keep large construction equipment running smoothly. Your heavy machinery has a ton of moving parts, and some pieces need more lubrication than others. To ensure your machine is functioning at its best, check the lubricant level frequently, buy the recommended lubricant brand via the user’s manual and use the right amount of lubricant to decrease friction between moving parts and avoid performance problems.

Clean the machine thoroughly

Dirt and dust gets into your machine during day-to-day use. It’s important to clean your machine to prevent unnecessary maintenance and to keep it working as well as you need it to. We’ve created a cleaning checklist for heavy equipment. There are many benefits to having clean equipment, and inspecting your machine can make you aware of any clogs or parts that may need replacing.

Check for wear and tear

Wear and tear naturally happens overtime. You’ll want to check your belts for warping, your seals for drying and cracking and your bolts for bending. Even if your machine hasn’t been involved in any accidents and you have good operating habits, checking for wear and tear will benefit you in the long run.

Don’t overwork the machine

Your machine likely has a maximum load capacity and a range of operating temperatures. It’s important to know these things while using the machine. Don’t exceed the guidelines laid out in the owner’s manual. This will ensure your heavy machinery works as efficiently as it should for all of your projects.

Train your employees on proper use & care

Local laws likely require you to train your employees and they may need certain certifications as well. Be sure all your employees know how to operate the machine and that they know what to do when something goes wrong.

Store the machine when not in use

When the workday is done, all of your heavy equipment should be put in a secure storage spot of some kind. Even a tent or tarp can help protect your machine from environmental problems. You don’t want your machine to sit out in the rain, as that causes rust and corrosion, so be sure you have a designated spot for them while not on the job.

Keep records of use & service

Keep track of when your machine is used and when it has service done on it. This will help you know what may have happened when your machine needs maintenance. Also, if you ever plan on selling your equipment second hand at an auction, the buyer will want to know this information.

Let Lyon assist with your large construction equipment needs

Lyon Auction is here to ensure your equipment stays up and running as best as it should for as long as it should. Should you ever want to sell your used equipment, reach out to us or check out our upcoming auctions! We look forward to working with you.


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