Heavy Machinery Safety Tips for National Safety Month

Heavy Machinery Safety Tips for National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, a month in which we recognize the importance of workplace safety. According to the Bureau of Statistics, in the construction industry alone, there are more than 150,000 on-site job related accidents/injuries per year. Much of these injuries are caused by the misuse of heavy machinery. 

At Alex Lyon & Son Auction, we sell used construction equipment at all of our construction equipment auctions all across the country. When it comes to safety on the job site, making sure your employees are operating equipment properly is a must. In this blog, we give some tips on how to promote safety on all of your construction sites!

Properly train your employees

The most beneficial thing you can do to reduce the amount of injuries on the jobsite is by making sure all of your employees, especially equipment operators, are properly trained. Each type of equipment should be used differently. Educating your employees on how to properly use equipment as well as when each type of equipment is needed will help avoid any accidents and injuries on the job site! 

Properly maintain your equipment

Regular equipment maintenance is another thing that can help avoid injuries. Many jobsite accidents occur due to equipment malfunctions and equipment breakdowns. By performing regular maintenance on all of your equipment, as well as storing it properly, you can avoid these jobsite accidents from happening! 

If you find that your equipment has become increasingly worse, it’s a smart decision to replace it with a newer machine. You can find affordable used equipment and parts at any of our construction equipment auctions! 

Wear protective equipment

It’s important that all operators and workers are wearing protective equipment at all times when on the job. Items such as work helmets, rubber bottomed boots, bright colors and many others are things that will help keep your employees safe. It’s also important that all protective gear is kept in a dry, safe place in order for the equipment to stay in good condition! 

Maintain the jobsite

It’s vital that you and your employees are keeping your job sites clean and tidy. Accidents are much more likely to happen if there are things laying on the ground that could get in the way of work. It’s also important to take your time in slippery or rainy conditions, as the chance of accidents are much higher. 

Pay attention to weather

Lastly, especially during the summer months when thunderstorms are common, it’s essential that you are always monitoring the weather. Summer storms can seem as though they sometimes come out of nowhere. If this occurs, it’s smart to just wait out the storm rather than rushing to get your work done before. 

Injuries and accidents on the job site happen, but a lot of the time they can be avoided! As we focus on workplace safety during National Safety Month, use these tips to keep yourself and your employees safe! 

At Lyon and Son Auction, we offer top quality used heavy equipment at all of our construction equipment auctions. If you or your company is in need of new equipment, check out our upcoming auctions!


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