How to attract Millennials and Gen Z to the construction industry

How to attract Millennials and Gen Z to the construction industry

The construction industry is not always the most appealing job to Millennials and Gen Z, and many of them think they have to attend college and get a degree to be financially successful. The construction industry needs young talent, as many current employees are nearing retirement. Pushing the benefits like high pay, career advancement in working with large construction equipment, and a flexible schedule are great ways to attract younger generations to work in construction.

Why the industry needs young talent

More and more Baby Boomers are retiring. The average age of construction workers is 42.5 years old. Within the next 20 years, the industry will need younger workers to fill in the gaps created when they leave. Which is why it’s necessary for construction companies to begin recruiting younger people and retaining them, as well.

Millennials were encouraged to get a college degree, whereas Gen Z was raised with the idea of more open career paths. Gen Z can see the debt many Millennials are in because of college, and prefer to get a job right out of high school and, if anything, take classes on the side. Seasonal work is appealing to them, and the construction industry offers this opportunity.

They might not spend their entire career working with large construction equipment, but some are willing to give it a try. Millennials and Gen Z are also great with technology. They can learn new software quickly, and this will help your company adapt and move forward in an ever changing industry. Hiring them benefits both your company and themselves.

How to attract the younger generation

Millennials and Gen Z want a job that will not only pay the bills, but that will also give them money to save and to have fun with. So, you have to push the benefits. You will be more likely to capture their attention if you show them that the construction industry offers the schedule flexibility they’re looking for, that they can grow in a construction career, and that they’ll be paid well for the demanding work they do.

Flexibility and work life balance

Some younger generations are already unattracted to the typical nine-to-five work day. They are likely to leave organizations that don’t offer flexible working patterns. 77% said they’re more likely to stay in their current jobs if they’re given flexibility. They value their free time. Since construction is so physically demanding, they need time off to recuperate and rest. Highlight these perks in your job descriptions, and if you’re not already implementing them, try adding reduced hours and compressed weekends.

Career development

It’s important to know that 87% of millennials value professional or career growth and development opportunities in a job. You have to show them that there is always a level up from the position they’re currently in. They want to know that they can go from Apprentice to Foreman. Many Millenial and Gen Z aged workers are also tech-curious, and are more attracted to companies that use new technologies. Make your hiring process mobily friendly and implement new tech at job sites.

Steady compensation

Compensation and benefits are more important to the younger generation than ever before. You’ll need to see how your benefits match up with your competitors. Do you offer paid holidays? Are they able to take vacation time? What happens if they get sick? Also, show them a compensation plan that starts them at X amount and how they can get promoted.

Encourage working with large construction equipment

Your company has to adapt to the changing workforce. Millennials and Gen Z have the potential to change your company for the better. They’re hard-working and will do what it takes to be paid well so they can cover their bills, save money, and have fun with their friends. As older generations continue to retire, the construction industry will need to attract the younger generations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we’re listening!


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