How to auction like a pro

How to auction like a pro

So, you’ve decided to go to machinery auctions. Whether it’s your first time or your thirtieth, you want to make sure that your money is well spent and your bids are only on the things you actually want to bid on. There are several tips you can master in order to give yourself the confidence to bid correctly, and hopefully drive away with the heavy equipment you were eyeing. 

Check out the equipment

Before you even start bidding, you want to arrive early and check out the heavy equipment. You want to see what your options are or maybe see that machine you have been wanting in person. Who knows you might  even find something you were not expecting to find? 

You should not only be checking out what kind of equipment the auction might have, but also the condition it’s in. A lot of people arrive early for  the auction and inspect the equipment to  make sure the equipment is in good condition. If you do not know what components of the heavy equipment to check, you can also bring an expert to guide you. 

Stay focused

First, keep quiet. If you are at your seat and an item comes by that you aren’t interested in, don’t talk to the person next to you. The conversation is distracting to those who want to bid on the item and might slow down the process. Plus, you might miss some interesting history about the item that could be a fun fact.

Make Clear Movements

Typically, you’ll be given a paddle and a number before you sit down to the auction. When you want to bid on that heavy machinery, raise the paddle clearly and wait for the auctioneer to acknowledge it. They’ll point or look at you, so you’ll know that they’ve seen it. Being enthusiastic for the item is great, but don’t wave your paddle around, because it can be distracting.

Know your budge

You should come into heavy machinery auctions with a general  idea of how much money you want to spend. Keeping an ear out for the auctioneer to say  the bids and knowing how much money you want to bid  can prevent any costly misunderstandings.

Go Online to Get Your Feet Wet.

If you are a bit too nervous to toss your hat in the ring at a live auction, fear not! There are plenty of online auctions where bidding is done electronically. You still follow all the same rules, and you have a time limit to make the highest bid. Then the item is sent to your address just like any other piece of mail.

Have Fun!

Finally, heavy equipment auctions are fun and exciting events. So, listen to the auctioneer speak, get tense as bidding wars erupt, and cheer when someone buys an item. If you enjoy the auction process, you’re a winner.

For the best heavy machinery auctions, check out Lyon Auctions. We have all different kinds of machinery that will fit your budget and your needs. You can bid in-person or online. That way you never miss the opportunity to have your voice be heard. Contact us today to learn more about our auctions. 


What makes a Lyon Auction unique is that all of the equipment is in the same location. Companies are able to liquidate a large fleet of vehicles in a single auction. Lyon Auction is able to help well-known companies from the conception to the conclusion of the auction. This makes it headache-free and as enjoyable as possible for both the seller and buyer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we’re listening!


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