How To Choose an Auction Company

How To Choose an Auction Company

Why Lyon Auction? It does not matter if you are looking to sell or buy, Lyon Auction is the perfect place for you! We are a business with integrity and loyalty. The company started with Alex Lyon, in the 1950’s he bought a farm and property in Bridgeport, New York. It started out as a livestock company which became one of the largest in New York. Lyon’s reputation at the time was; quality and respectability 

Occasionally, the company had public auctions. Alex’s son, Jack Lyon, began to expand the auction side. The first company who signed an agreement with Jack to manage their upcoming auction was a major construction company. Today, we are known as “Alex Lyon & Son Sales Managers and Auctioneers, Inc.” 

Today we are known nationally, and even have customers from around the world. This is still a family-owned business, located in Bridgeport, New York. Our reputation is the fastest paying auction company in the U.S. After you have worked with us, you will be thinking that our services pays, it does not cost anything. 

We told you a little bit of our history and what we stand for, but you should know what to look for in an auction company. 

The Auction Company Has All The Tools 

When you have heavy equipment for sale you want to make sure the company you are working with makes it as easy as possible. Having attorneys to help you settle any deals is a bonus! The most important thing is to have an auction company who is with you from start to finish. 

Company History 

Does this company have a lot of experience? If they do not have a lot of experience, they might not have the tools to have a successful auction. Heavy equipment for sale is not something to be taken lightly. Be sure to go with a reputable company. 

How Will The Market Your Items 

One question you can ask a company, is how do they plan to market their heavy equipment for sale? If they are not open about their plan, this should be a red flag! Make sure they plan to reach multiple platforms all over! Look for companies who sell online and in person! 


What are other companies saying about them? Do they have happy buyers and sellers? You want to make sure this company works with both parties! It’s important to know how they operate their business. 

Lyon Alex & Son have it all! We work with you the whole way. If you are going to auction to buy heavy equipment, how do you prepare for an auction? You want to make sure what you are buying is in good condition, be sure to check it out before purchasing it! It’s also important to have a budget, know what you want to spend so you do not overspend! 

It’s time to buy new equipment, but where do you start? An auction! There will be a wide selection of different brands. New equipment is expensive, at an auction you can get a used one for a cheaper price tag! Also, you can ask about the maintenance history! 

At Lyon Auction you can find all our equipment in one place! We pride ourselves on quality and respectability. We make the process convenient for buyers and sellers, working with you from start to finish! Our goal is to make this a stress-free process, contact us today for more information. 


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