UPDATED: How to get heavy machinery auction home after an auction

UPDATED: How to get heavy machinery auction home after an auction

Considering attending a large construction equipment auction in the coming months? Equipment auctions are a great opportunity to purchase quality used equipment at an affordable price. However, getting the equipment home after the auction can be challenging. 

At Alex Lyon & Son Auction, we provide some of the biggest large construction equipment auctions across the country. We understand that moving heavy machinery is not an easy task, and want to offer you some help. Here are tips on getting heavy machinery home after an equipment auction!

Four tips on transporting your heavy equipment 

The first thing you should do is check the manual. If you no longer have the manual, look for it online! The manual is a great place to learn all the steps you need to do before transporting it. For example, it may tell you to remove batteries, drain energy fluids or make sure to tighten loose parts before transporting the equipment. 

The second tip is to acquire any permits that are needed. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has guidelines for transporting heavy equipment. Any loads that are either oversized or overweight will need a special permit. Depending on the weight, height and size of your equipment it may not be able to travel on bridges or certain roads. So be sure to research a route that will make it easy to transport your equipment. Talk to your transporter about permits and road complications to avoid being delayed. 

The third tip is to make sure that the parts over your heavy machinery for sale are covered. This is year-around, during the winter cold weather may cause harm and during the spring/summer the heat may also be harmful. 

The fourth tip is to be prepared. Go into the auction knowing what equipment you want to buy, and have a plan on how you will get it home. This will make the process of transporting your equipment home much easier for you!

Lastly, consider how you will lift the equipment you purchase. Large construction equipment cannot be moved by a couple of strong people lifting. Instead, cranes and other machines are commonly used to help lift equipment into trailers and such. Ask the auction company if they include this or if you need to find your own way to do it. 

Live equipment auctions are a great way to get large construction equipment for you company, but you should always come prepared. Coming into an auction knowing what equipment you need, a budget you want to stay within, and how you will transport your equipment home will help make the equipment auction experience a good one!

If you are interested in attending an upcoming equipment auction, check out our website! We are offering many auctions, both in-person and online across the country over the next couple of months!


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