How To Keep Heavy Equipment Running Strong Throughout The Summer

How To Keep Heavy Equipment Running Strong Throughout The Summer

During the cold and snowy winter months, construction companies must take precautionary action to ensure that their equipment is staying safe and running well. The same should be done during the hot summer months as well. The sun, hot temperatures and humidity, on top of more projects, can all cause issues and add unneeded strain on large construction equipment. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure this isn’t the case. 

At Lyon Auction, we are known to provide the highest quality of used large construction equipment at an affordable price. We hold equipment auctions all across the country, and strive to continue to satisfy our customers. Below, our team discusses some ways you can keep your heavy equipment running strong throughout the summer heat!

Limit direct sun exposure

One of the best things you can do to help prolong the life of your equipment and ensure it continues to run properly all summer long is to limit your equipment's direct exposure to sunlight as much as possible. Leaving your equipment exposed to sunlight for too long will cause it to fade in color, and potentially cause other unexpected breakdowns. It’s always a good idea to store your equipment in a safe, dry facility when not in use to help prolong the life of your machines. If you don’t have a storage area, then finding a shady tree to park your equipment under, or covering your equipment with a tarp will also help protect it from direct sunlight!

Run your A/C properly

Pretty much all of the newer equipment models come with air conditioning now, depending on equipment type and brand. When using A/C while operating equipment, make sure you are using it properly. It doesn’t make much sense to use your air conditioner while also operating with windows or doors open. This will only cause more strain on your machines than needed. Also, since summer is dry and dirt is common, it’s a good idea to regularly check your A/C and cab intake filters to make sure they are clean

Give machines more time to cool down

Hot temperatures can cause your equipment to overheat easier. Because of this, you should allow more time for your machines to cool down. A way to do this is by letting your machines idle for a couple minutes before turning them off for the day. This will help protect the engine and turbocharger in your machines from damage. 

Daily maintenance

Lastly, it’s important that you are taking proper care of your equipment after each use. Here are some daily maintenance tips to do everyday

  • Ensure coolant and oil levels are good

  • Clean grease off your equipment

  • Look for discoloration of belts and hoses

  • Check for hydraulic and oil leaks

  • Check tire pressure

  • Check brakes

Don’t let the summer heat cost you this summer! Use these tips to ensure your large construction equipment continues to run properly all summer long!

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