How To Keep Your Equipment In The Best Shape Possible

How To Keep Your Equipment In The Best Shape Possible

Every company expects their equipment to provide them reliable work. But in order to keep your equipment operating properly, great care and attention to detail is needed. Especially during the summer, equipment is prone to get dirty and worn out in the hot sun. This is why regular maintenance is needed in order to keep your equipment looking and working great. 

At Lyon Auction, we provide many large construction equipment auctions all over the country. We have helped many companies and contractors purchase used large construction equipment at an affordable price. Below, we give some tips on how to make the most out of your investment by keeping your equipment in tip top shape! 

Don’t overwork your equipment

All heavy equipment comes with an operator's manual that states its performance limitations and specifications. Ensure you never exceed these limitations as they wear out your equipment. If you want to yield the best results, and ensure effectiveness and efficiency, follow the operator's manual.

It’s also important that you avoid exceeding your machine's weight limits as well, to prevent breakdown and keep your equipment working for longer. This is especially true during the summer months, when your equipment is more prone to overheating and becoming damaged. 

Keep your equipment clean

To keep your equipment in the best condition possible, regular cleaning is essential. When dust and moisture begin to accumulate on your machines, your equipment can begin to rust. By cleaning your equipment weekly, as well as making sure it is stored in an enclosed area, you will reduce the chance of your machinery beginning to rust. 

It is also important that you are lubricating your equipment regularly. Doing so will reduce friction while your machines are in use, which ultimately helps prevent unexpected breakdowns from occurring. 

Train your operators

Product knowledge is vital when it comes to implementing a preventive maintenance program. You can find information about your heavy equipment on your user’s manual or search for more thorough training on the proper use of the equipment.

It’s important that every company takes the time to understand their heavy equipment and to ensure they have the right certification to operate it. This includes training your employees and operators to ensure they know how to properly use the equipment and ultimately reduce the risk of work-related accidents happening.  

Check tires often

Lastly, it’s important that you are taking time to regularly check the tires on all of your equipment. There is nothing worse than a tire or axle blowout, which will likely result in an expensive repair! It’s important to keep an eye on your tires, especially after operating on gravel, mud and rocky terrain! If you notice a tire is lower than usual, make sure you test the pressure and top off with air if needed. 

Purchasing used large construction equipment from an auction is a great way to purchase quality equipment at an affordable price. However, proper maintenance and care is needed to get the most out of your investment. Use these tips to keep your equipment in tip top shape! 

If you are in need of heavy equipment, consider purchasing used from one of our many large construction equipment auctions! Check out our upcoming auctions here!


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