How to minimize equipment for the job

How to minimize equipment for the job

It’s important to get the right equipment for the job, but also the correct amount of equipment. Too much is considered equipment hoarding, which in the end, costs your company more money. One thing you can do to minimize equipment for the job is to use attachments rather than an entirely different piece of equipment. Planning the job before getting started and selecting what machinery you need can also help.

Lyon Auction is your go to for second-hand large construction equipment. Some may worry that used equipment won’t be able to complete the job as well, but you can rest assured knowing that we care about our customers and ensure they’re getting quality equipment for a good price. You don’t always need to buy new heavy machinery, and renting equipment is another great option. Below are more ways to minimize equipment for the job!

Use an equipment tracking system

You can use equipment tracking and asset management systems to figure out when your large construction equipment is actually in use versus when it’s idling. If you are able to find that a certain piece of equipment is idling on one job site, you can move it to another job site where it can be put to better use. These systems can help you stay organized throughout each project and ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Get the right equipment in the first place

Taking a look at the job site beforehand and fully understanding the task at hand and the equipment you’re going to need will save you a lot of time and energy. You can avoid unnecessary costs by preventing transporting equipment that won’t be used. Different job sites will need different equipment, and if you have multiple jobs going on at once, doing this can ensure you’re utilizing your equipment the best way possible.

Utilize versatile equipment

Several pieces of equipment give you the option for attachments. Versatility adds value, and by purchasing versatile equipment upfront, you can avoid unexpected expenses down the road. Bale spears, blades, brooms, buckets, shovels, compactors, forks, hammers, tillers, and snow products are several attachments that can be connected to a machine you may already have rather than buying or renting a new or used one. The most versatile piece of equipment is proven to be the backhoe, if you’re considering a new piece of equipment, a backhoe is a good one to consider!

Increase productivity with large construction equipment

If you have realized that you’ve had extra equipment lying around your job sites, consider auctioning it off with Lyon Auction! Wasted time on job sites only contributes to wasted money, and nobody wants that. Reducing the amount of equipment for the job best utilizes your worker’s time and your money. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming auctions!


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