How to protect your equipment from the summer heat

How to protect your equipment from the summer heat

During the summer months, the hot weather and sun beating down on your heavy machinery affects the condition of it. You don’t want your machine to overheat or suffer other heat-related problems. A good summer maintenance plan will ensure your large construction equipment stays reliable, is in good condition and lasts as long as it should.

You want to keep your machines in good condition, especially if you plan on selling your heavy equipment at some point. Lyon Auction has the largest inventory of used heavy machinery for sale. We want to ensure your machine stays in good condition so when a customer is looking for second-hand equipment, yours is ready to sell. Whether you plan to sell your equipment or not, it’s important to keep your machinery cool during the summer to avoid any problems.

Prepare your large construction equipment before it gets hot out

First and foremost, you want to make sure your equipment is ready to perform during the hottest months of the year. Things you’ll want to pay attention to are fluid levels, your radiator and air-flow passages. Before you get out there and begin working with your equipment, check the tire pressure, make sure there is no corrosion in the cooling system, grease any necessary parts and make sure the regular maintenance is up to date.

Limit exposure to the sun

One easy way to limit your machine’s exposure to the sun is to store it in a shaded area while it’s not in use. You can store your equipment in any enclosed area, under a tarp, in a tent or a fully shaded parking area. This will help keep it cool and working when you need it.

Give your machine time to cool down

It’s important to give your large construction equipment time to cool down after using it. Minimize using it during the peak daylight hours, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. You don’t need to completely stop work during this time, but be aware of when it’s most hot out and give your equipment breaks and phase shutdowns to prevent engine damage. You can also begin working on projects early in the day or finish up work later in the evening.

Make sure the cooling system is clean

The summer heat causes your machine to have to work harder. A clean cooling system will ensure your machine won’t overheat. Some tips are to keep your radiator clean using pressurized air, replace your coolant once a year, perform annual pressure tests, make sure the fans are clear of debris and check your hoses for cracks or other problems. If all these things are working correctly, your machinery will stay cool.

Pay attention to the displays

It’s important to pay attention to your machine’s displays and warnings, as they will likely tell you when it’s time to take a break. Don’t push your equipment too hard in the increasing temperatures. Inspect your machine daily to prevent any heat-related damage. Make sure the battery is at the right charge level as well. If you have to, pause work and let the machine cool down before resuming.

Stay hydrated yourself

Since you’re allocating time into keeping your heavy equipment running in the heat, you should spend just as much energy on yourself. You should also be taking breaks and drinking plenty of fluids. You will perform better during the summer months if you take the right precautions in the heat. If you plan on attending a summer auction, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and staying hydrated. 

Lyon Auction is here to help you keep your large construction equipment running smoothly for years to come. Taking proper care of your equipment in the heat will ensure it performs well for all of your products. If you have any questions or concerts, or if you’re interested in auctioning off your equipment, contact us today!


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