How to win at winter auctions

How to win at winter auctions

Whether you're in the construction, agriculture or snow removal industry, getting the equipment auction results you want can yield significant savings. Here are some valuable strategies to help you navigate winter equipment auctions with confidence and secure the machinery you need!

Research and preparation

Start by identifying the specific equipment you require, including the make, model and essential features. Research the market value of these items to set a realistic budget. Familiarize yourself with the auction's terms and conditions, including bidding increments, payment methods and pickup deadlines.

Setting a clear budget

Before entering an auction, establish a clear budget that you're comfortable with. On top of the winning bid, you should factor in additional costs such as taxes, fees and transportation expenses. Discipline is key; avoid getting caught up in the excitement and overspending.

Know that timing is key

Timing plays a crucial role in winning auctions. Consider bidding during off-peak hours or on weekdays when competition may be lower. Additionally, keep an eye on the auction's closing time. Many bidders wait until the last moments to place their bids, so be prepared to act swiftly.

Inspect the equipment

Whenever possible, inspect the equipment in person before the auction. Pay close attention to its condition, looking for signs of wear, damage or needed repairs. If an on-site inspection isn't possible, request detailed photographs and a comprehensive equipment history from the auctioneer.

Participate strategically

Bidding strategically can make a significant difference. Start with smaller bids to test the waters, but be prepared to bid aggressively if necessary. Avoid emotional bidding; stick to your budget and bidding limits. Consider using proxy bidding if the auction platform offers this option, as it allows you to set your maximum bid in advance.

Stay informed

Stay engaged and informed throughout the auction process. Monitor the bidding activity closely and be ready to counterbid if someone challenges your offer. Keep an eye out for any last-minute bids and be prepared to respond promptly.

Leverage technology

Many winter equipment auctions take place online, making technology your ally. Use reliable internet connections and consider utilizing auction software or apps that provide real-time bidding notifications and updates.

Understand the auctioneer

Each auctioneer may have their own style and preferences. Pay attention to their cues, as they can provide insights into their expectations and pacing. Building a positive rapport with the auctioneer can also work in your favor.

Be patient

Winning at winter equipment auctions can sometimes require patience. If you miss out on one item, stay focused on your objectives and be prepared for the next opportunity. There are often multiple pieces of equipment available in the same auction.

Secure financing

Have financing in place before participating in winter equipment auctions. Pre-approved financing can give you a competitive advantage, as you'll be able to act quickly and confidently when bidding.

Get positive equipment auction results with Lyon

Winning at winter equipment auctions requires a combination of preparation, strategy and discipline. By conducting thorough research, setting a budget and participating strategically, you can increase your chances of securing the heavy machinery and tools you need for winter operations at favorable prices. Contact us today with any questions or take a look at our upcoming auctions, both online and in-person.


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