How To Winterize Your Heavy Equipment

How To Winterize Your Heavy Equipment

The temperatures outside are becoming colder throughout the entire country. We think it’s safe to say that the fall is here and winter is quickly approaching! Congrats! You’ve made it through a full summer of work! As many construction companies and contractors take most of their jobs during the warmer months, there are still jobs to be done this winter! It’s important that you’re preparing your heavy equipment for the switch in temperatures!

At Lyon Auction, we offer large construction equipment auctions across the entire United States. However, with owning heavy equipment comes maintenance. Large construction equipment is not cheap, which means you should be doing everything you can to maintain and prolong the life of your equipment. This blog gives some tips on how you can prepare your heavy equipment for the winter months ahead!

Check fluid levels

One of the first and most important things you need to do when the temperatures start dropping is making sure all of your equipment’s fluid levels are correct. It’s important that you fill your fluid compartments with the proper viscosity, as well as check your engine oil and hydraulic fluid levels before operating.  

Monitor your tires

Another thing to always be mindful of when the temperatures outside become cold are the tires on your machines! But why? Well, when temperatures drop, your tire’s air pressure can decrease as well. This is common even with your normal cars, but can be even more problematic since your heavy machinery weighs much more. So, it’s especially important that you regularly inspect your tires and check the pressure, filling them with air when needed

Keep batteries charged and warm

When equipment and vehicle batteries get cold, they tend to “drain” faster. This is due to the battery itself having to work much harder in colder weather. To keep your batteries in good condition throughout the winter months, it’s important that you are charging them regularly and keeping them in a warm, enclosed area when not in use. Doing this will help your machines operate better and minimize the risk of failures!

Store equipment in an enclosed facility

Lastly, when your equipment is not in use, it’s vital that you are storing them in an enclosed storage facility. Winter weather will bring snow and ice to many parts of the country. On top of that, freezing cold temperatures can have significant effects on your machines. Winter weather elements can end up damaging the exterior of your machines, as well as interior features such as the engine. 

It’s also a smart idea to remove any attachments that may be on your equipment and store them separately. It’s also important to store all fluids for your equipment in a room-temperature space!

As we head through fall and into winter, it’s important that construction companies and other contractors are mindful of their large construction equipment. By winterizing your heavy equipment, you can help prolong life and make the most out of your investment!

At Lyon Auction, we offer many large construction equipment auctions across the country. If you are in need of a new piece of equipment for your company, be sure to check out our upcoming auctions!


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