How you can speed up your heavy equipment sale

How you can speed up your heavy equipment sale

When you need to sell your secondhand heavy machinery, there are a few options to consider. Creating a private listing for your items may seem like the easy way to go, but this can take a lot of time and it can be difficult to find a good buyer. Auctioning your equipment is a better option, as you get a larger pool of potential buyers, and you can easily get the biggest bang for your buck.

However you choose to sell your secondhand heavy machinery, there are a few things you’ll want to do to ensure it sells quickly and that you get your money’s worth. Use these tips to sell your equipment efficiently!

Price your equipment well

Determining the value of your heavy equipment is necessary to gain interest in your items and to have a successful sale. Equipment pricing and industry trends can help you figure out how much you should ask for. Through researching how the current market is looking and reading information on other similar items, you can know how your equipment pieces compare to others that are available and decide on a proper price.

Show how valuable your equipment is

There are many perks to buying used heavy equipment, and potential buyers understand this. You will, however, want to make your equipment look as best as it can. Make sure your equipment is ready to sell by doing any refurbishment. This includes but is not limited to cleaning any dirt, grime, dust and debris, upholstery repair, glasswork, painting, button replacement and decals.

Give as many details as possible

Buyers will want to know as much as they can about your used heavy machinery. Things to include in the description are how long you’ve had the equipment, how well it was taken care of and how much it was used. You’ll want to make sure you have any service records or maintenance records available for the buyer as well.

If they can see you’re an open book, they’ll be more enticed to buy the equipment right away before someone else does. You will also want to include at least 20 detailed photos of your equipment. Think about what you would need to see when purchasing heavy equipment, and be sure to include those things.

Allow inspections

This also goes along with the open book policy, allowing potential buyers to inspect or test drive the machine shows them that you’re an honest seller and that what you said about the equipment is true. This is easier to do if the equipment is being sold at an in-person auction. If you're selling through an online auction, it is likely that the company will have given an inspection so buyers are still able to trust in you.

Sell your secondhand heavy machinery at one of our auctions

We devote lots of time to understanding our customers so we’re better able to tailor your equipment to their needs. Lyon Auction is happy to help! If you have any questions about how you can sell your equipment fast or auction it off, reach out to us today.


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