In-Person and Online Auction Tips

In-Person and Online Auction Tips

We are currently four days into our equipment auction Florida, and we are so happy to be here! Our annual 9-day equipment auction in Florida began on February 5 and will go through February 13, offering many different types of used heavy equipment. Each day we open up bidding both in-person at the live event and online. So if you can’t make it to the remaining days, don’t sweat! You can still get the heavy equipment you need all while bidding from wherever you are at. 

We understand that some of our customers enjoy the convenience of being able to bid right from their homes, while others enjoy the experience of attending a live bidding event. Below, we give tips on both in-person and online auction bidding!


For those planning on attending one or more days of our Florida auction, we are excited to have you here! If you’ve been to one of our live auctions before, you probably know everything you need to do. However, if you’re a first-time auction attendee, or just want a couple of tips to refresh your memory, then this is for you!

Before you attend a live auction event, it’s so important that you research and look over the equipment that you are interested in purchasing. All of the equipment and auction items that we are offering are listed on our website, so it’s pretty easy to do! Knowing the items that you are interested in will save you a lot of time!

Once you’ve figured out the pieces of equipment that you are interested in, and you’ve arrived at the event, it’s now time for the fun part; bidding! While bidding during an in-person auction, you want to first make your presence known. Do not forget to maintain eye contact and do whatever you can to gain the auctioneer’s attention. Another tip when bidding is to make sure your timing is key, as well as know when to quit. Come in with a set budget, and be mindful that you are not going over that budget.


If you can’t attend our auction in-person, don’t sweat! We also offer live online bidding right from our website that allows you to bid on auction items from wherever you are! If you’ve never made bids on a live-online auction before, here are some tips!

Before you begin to bid, you want to ask the seller any questions you have about the equipment. Don’t bid first and then ask because some answers might cause you to take your bid back! Some auctions will not let bidders take their bids back! Once you make the offer, you are locked in! 

Another tip before you bid is to make sure to read the Terms Of Sale (TOS). Some sellers might not accept certain payment methods or only ship domestically. If no terms are listed, send the seller an email to find out their terms and conditions. 

Lastly, be sure you are not waiting until the last minute to get your bid in. Also, make a note that bidding wars only create more attention to the equipment you want. 

As we continue through our equipment auction Florida, we are very excited to sell quality used equipment to our customers at an affordable price. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is happy to help you in whatever way we can!


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