In-Person Auction Tips (Kissimmee, FL)

In-Person Auction Tips (Kissimmee, FL)

On January 30 - February 7, we will be holding our 28th annual Florida construction auction in Kissimmee, FL. This will be one of the first large in-person auctions of the year with virtual options available as well, and we are very excited for it! However, with everything COVID-19 still happening in our country and world, it’s important that everyone takes the right precautions to keep this event safe for everyone. 

As many may be traveling from far to come to this Florida construction auction, we felt like we should provide some tips on how you can stay safe as you travel and attend the event!

Plan your trip

Now more than ever, it’s so important that you thoughtfully plan out your entire trip. You should start by checking your destination’s current coronavirus restrictions. In Osceola County, Florida, there is a mask mandate for everyone while out in public places, restaurants, when using public transportation, and while in places with more than 10 people. This means that during the live auctions, masks will be required for all who are present. 

Also, you should try to minimize the number of stops you take if you are driving. One way to do this by bringing plenty of water and snacks along on your ride. Also be sure to pack lots of hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, masks, and other safety products to ensure you are staying safe and germ-free at all times! 

Lastly, it’s important to be mindful of when you are eating and sleeping. Restaurants and hotels will be open in the area but will have their own restrictions as well. To optimize safety, it’s a smart idea to use hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes before and after dinner, as well as wipe down all high-touched surfaces in your hotel room. This will work towards minimizing the spread of any germs, from both you and others. 

How to prepare for an auction

On top of staying safe, you should also take actions to prepare yourself for the event as it is the reason for your travels! You want to start by researching what types of equipment and other items will be up for sale. You can easily access this information by visiting the Kissimmee 2021 Page on our website! 

After researching and highlighting certain items you are interested in, you will want to confirm that the equipment has a clean title, as well as do a detailed inspection while at the event. If you are bidding online, be sure to look through all of the photos and equipment information thoroughly on our website!

Lastly, the most exciting part; bidding! While bidding during an in-person auction, you want to first make your presence known. Do not forget to maintain eye contact and do whatever you can to gain the auctioneer’s attention. Another tip when bidding is to make sure your timing is key, as well as know when to quit. Come in with a set budget, and be mindful that you are not going so far over that budget. A Florida construction auction with heavy equipment often requires quick decision making. The more prepared you are, the easier the bidding process will go! 

As the Kissimmee 2021 auction gets closer and closer, it’s important that you are preparing yourself for both travel and the event! Visit our website to learn more about the equipment being sold as well as other information regarding the event.


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