Inspection checklist for heavy equipment

Inspection checklist for heavy equipment

Inspecting a piece of heavy equipment is similar to inspecting a car or truck. Except it may take you many hours, if not a whole day to complete a full inspection.

Before purchasing your piece of equipment at the used machinery auctions, you want to visually inspect every mechanical component, then have someone operate it while you're on the ground listening to and watching the components in motion. 

Hiring a professional to help you with this may seem counter-intuitive, but it will pay off in the long run. Here are a few things to watch out for before purchasing machinery auctions: 

Engine compartment

First and foremost you want to check the engine compartment. This is somewhat similar to a car or vehicle. Checking the heavy equipment’s engine will save you headaches and money in the long run. If the engine on the piece of equipment doesn’t work or is failing, it could require you to replace it. 

You're going to want to check the hoses and make sure they aren’t cracking out.  Next, check the fluid levels - there should be coolant, hydraulic fluid, and oil. Check the levels of these fluids before you fire the machine up. If there is not enough fluids in the machinery it could mean that the equipment was not properly maintained and could cause you trouble. 

You want to check the radiator, all the seals, gaskets, and air filters. Sound familiar? It should, those are all components of a vehicle, just on a larger scale.

Other valuable components

If the heavy equipment you’re looking to purchase has blades or buckets, you want to inspect them as well. What you want to look for is extra worn or broken teeth and if the bucket if sitting level on the ground. 

Tires are another very expensive component if you have to replace them. You want to make sure they are not rotten.  If the machine hasn’t seen any action in a while, this can take a toll on the tires. Also, check for tread depth and evenness of tire wear. 

The linkage should be inspected as well. All of the bushings need to be looked over, and everywhere there is a grease zerk should be greased accordingly.

Finally, check the rubber tracks and make sure they are holding tension, this indicates it's up to date on inspections. Experts recommend that every two or three months there is a detailed inspection done with the heavy equipment. 

These are a few things to take into consideration and having to do some work on the machine is to be expected, but you don’t want to get thrown under the bus by buying something that is completely shot. If your thinking about buying heavy equipment, check out Lyon Auction. We have machinery auctions all over the country and would love to help you decide on the perfect machine! 


What makes a Lyon Auction unique is that all of the equipment is in the same location. Companies are able to liquidate a large fleet of vehicles in a single auction. Lyon Auction is able to help well-known companies from the conception to the conclusion of the auction. This makes it headache-free and as enjoyable as possible for both the seller and buyer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we’re listening!


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