Is Your Heavy Equipment Safe?

Is Your Heavy Equipment Safe?

Owning heavy equipment can often feel like a full-time job when you factor in all of the maintenance and repair that these pieces of equipment often require. When they are not kept in good working condition, the chances of an accident or an unsafe construction site occurring increases. . An unsafe construction site can lead to injury, legal problems and damage to your heavy equipment. Don't take the maintenance of your equipment for granted, and don't delay when it is time to replace them.

Buy new heavy equipment in a timely manner

Heavy equipment can be difficult to maintain and even more of an expense to replace. When your equipment is no longer working at an optimum level you are asking for trouble if you keep using it. Breakdowns will be the least of your worries if your faulty equipment causes an injury or unsafe work site. Safety must always come first and faulty equipment should never be used. If maintenance isn't enough to keep your equipment running smoothly, it's time to think about a replacement.

Heavy equipment auctions are the best way to source heavy equipment at reasonable prices and in a timely fashion. You won't need to wait on delivery from the manufacturer and in an auction setting, you can have more input on the price you pay. Heavy equipment and machinery are necessary for many types of industries, especially construction, and when your equipment is not working as needed it can slow down the project. Don't be the weak link in a huge project because your equipment is old and not up to the task. Replace your heavy equipment whenever necessary and keep contributing to safe and efficient work sites!

If you want to buy heavy equipment but are unsure where to buy it - here are a few reasons why you should get them from an auction. At a heavy equipment auction you will be able to find all the top brands in one location. This gives you the opportunity to look at all your options and to find which machine is best for your needs. Another reason to go to an auction is you can give it a test drive - try it out, ask a lot of questions about the machine. You can also bring a mechanic along! Last but not least, price. You can talk a price down, which means you spend  potentially less than expected, there’s nothing better than that! 

After you determine that your heavy equipment is no longer safe, it's time to take action. Visit one of Lyon Auction's heavy equipment auctions and find the equipment that you need. Whether you are looking for new or used, agricultural or construction, you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for! Check out today to find out more about the equipment we sell at our heavy equipment auctions.

One thing you want to do with your heavy equipment is an inspection. This should not be taken lightly, it’s important and could take you all day to do. Be sure to have a good look at the engine compartment! Having an up-to-date engine can mean more money in your pocket, you won’t need to repair it. Heavy equipment is similar to your car, you want to make sure all the parts that keep it running smoothly are in good condition because if one goes wrong it can affect everything, Some parts you should be looking at are the radiator, gaskets, air filters and fluids.


What makes a Lyon Auction so special is that you can find everything you want at one location. Companies  liquidate a large fleet of vehicles in a single auction. Lyon Auction helps companies from start to finish with the auction. Making it an easy an memorable experience for both companies and people intrested in buying heavy equipment. Contact us today for more information! 


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