Lyon Auction goes to Dallas, TX

Lyon Auction goes to Dallas, TX

Over the last couple of years, Dallas has been known as the fastest growing city in the U.S. In 2017, 300,000 Americans planned for a fresh start in Dallas, Texas. They also had the second highest rate or job growth overall. With a number of newcomers, the city is constantly under construction in order to accommodate the increasing amount of people. If you are in the construction business, you are aware of how expensive equipment can get. Have you looked into equipment auctions Dallas? In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of shopping at equipment auctions. 


One main advantage of auctions is the variety. Lyon Auction will be in Dallas, Texas on March 9 and will have excavators, crawler, forklifts, equipment trailers and more! At this equipment auction Dallas there will be brand names such as CAT, Komatsu, John Deere and Kobelco. 

There will be excavators, tractors, loaders, scrapers, cranes, lifts, trailers, attachments, support equipment and more! 

An excavator is a versatile piece of equipment, it can be used in both small and large projects. It can be used for digging, demolition, landscaping, forestry, lifting and placing, mining and river dredging. 

At our equipment auction Dallas we will have five hydraulic excavators. We will have a 2013 Kobelco, 2014 John Deere, 2014 Cat and a 2012 Komatsu. They are all in good condition and perfect for any construction sites! 


Construction equipment can be pricey! At the equipment auction Dallas you will find high quality equipment for a more affordable price. This means that you will have more money in your overall spending budget. 

At an auction, there is also the option to finance! It can help build your credit score. If you do not have a good credit score you might have to put down a larger down payment, have references or share the value of your company. 

What to consider when choosing heavy equipment 

When it comes to construction equipment it can get a bit confusing, another equipment that is good for construction sites is crawlers. There are a few things to think about before choosing what kind of equipment to use. 

First, you should think about the ground that you will be operating on, what work needs to be done? Crawlers work best in construction sites that need grading. There are attachments that help with clearing land, a bucket for digging or plate compactor. 

The second thing you want to consider is how stable the machine is for where you are working.  

Thirdly, you should factor in costs. How much will this cost to transport this equipment around construction sites? Crawlers need to be attached to a trailer to meet the standards for hauling and this varies state by state. 

At Lyon Auction, you will find that all of our equipment is located in one location. Our goal is to make it convenient for both the buyer and the seller. If your company is looking to liquidate a large fleet we are the perfect company to help you. And if you are looking to purchase a large fleet for a construction job we are also the best company for you. Contact us today!


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