Majoring in agriculture

Majoring in agriculture

Is your son or daughter getting ready to head off to college, but doesn’t know what they want to major in? Whether you grew up on a farm, are an active member of your local 4-H club, or maybe your child is simply interested in how crops and livestock are raised, an agriculture major might pique their interest.

Ag careers, which often include forestry-related roles, run the gamut from hands-on manual labor in the field to the academic where scientists toil in labs and greenhouses amid soil. Plants and livestock to figure out best practices for the production of food and other products.

In addition to your general education courses, you’ll likely start with general science courses such as biology, chemistry and physics. Then depending on what specialty you branch off into, you’ll explore those sciences from that perspective like biology for instance if you want to become a botanist, or animal biology if you’d like to stick to furry and feathered agricultural subjects.

Those interested in agricultural engineering will need to take engineering principles and math courses, while general business courses will prove helpful if you plan to one day run a farm, fishery or ranch.

Students who major in agriculture tend to have at least a small bit of history in the agriculture field. So when you're in your major specific class, you will always have someone to talk to. Maybe there is someone who you know who was in FFA or 4-H with you. Maybe you and the person who sits in front of you both grew up on a farm. No matter who you sit next to or who you talk to, you'll always be able to find a friend when majoring in agriculture because you all share the same passion for the field.

Majoring in agriculture and having an agriculture career can be a challenge. At times, it can be a downright struggle. Worrying about money, figuring out how to handle a bad crop season or simply trying to convince your parents why this major is the right one for you. No matter what challenges you may face, being in the agriculture field is truly amazing because you know the work you are doing is making a difference in the lives of others.

You may be discovering new techniques for harvesting, creating new technology or simply feeding a hungry mouth. No matter what you do in the agriculture field you are always touching the lives of others and making a difference in our country and our world.


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